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Jo Dunning Home Page

Jo Dunning Home Page

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Jo Dunning Home Page
Jo Dunning Home Page

The Wish Project Blog

Listen to the recording on the Wish Project page to make your wish.

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The journal below is a place where you can share and celebrate your wish. You can celebrate your wish when it comes true or when it is just starting in your life. You can also celebrate any of the wonderful little coincidences and surprises that happen in your life along the way to your wish coming true. When your wish comes true, you are welcome to begin again and make another wish. One wish at a time you can change your life! You can make a small wish that might happen very quickly or a bigger wish. Come here to this blog often and enjoy the celebration of wishes.

Please know that entries with advertising, links, email addresses, questions, personal requests or requests for contact, etc. are not eligible for posting.   


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Nadja, Germany
I did several wishes related to money. It all worked out! One time I wished I had enough money to pay rent and daily things, I got to work more, then I wished I would have 2000-3000 Euros per month, it worked out! Thank you so much, Jo! And now I wish an income about 3000 Euros, the money coming out of work where I can have my heart open and the energies at the place are bright and serving! Thank you! Nadja from Germany
Parise, Hinton, Alberta
It is my deepest wish, my heart's desire at this time to be part of Jo's retreat . OMG How I wish to be there in person to experience and receive All the gifts Jo has to offer... to keep expanding my consciousness Big Time ! In order to participate I would need a windfall of money cover for all my expenses...and some extra would be welcome too ,my old car is on it's way out!

Much Love Jo ,

Parise :)
Brigitte Sichla-Massholder, Germany
My wish is in the process of breaking up marriage that
we find a solution in peace, freedom and love and that we come out with a great result with our lawyers that both parts are in a win win Situation. I wish that my suggestions made come true and my husband Karl agrees to it and it is signed this month officially.
I am going for self LOVE and happiness.
ben, los angeles, CA
Thank you so much, Dear Jo. it's amazing how easily i found a new place, with a great location and ideal rent, to share with a few wonderful people. My next wish is to clear my debt and be financially sound and strong again. Thank you for endlessly connect us with the source energy. It's the best gift anyone can ever receive. My deepest gratitude!
Wendy, Winnipeg, MB, Canada
My wish is to sell my house by October 18th, 2013 for no less than $44,000.00 more than I purchased it for.
Wendy, Winnipeg, MB, Canada
It worked! OMG , it worked. My wish was to have the $2500. I need for my mortgage payment. Well, my wish came in a different form. I spoke with the bank and they are willing to work with me!

Thank you Jo, for this wonderful information. Thank you for changing lives.
Lear , Canada
I wish to receive a minimum of $50, October 2013... in a most delighful and fulfilling way!!! Easy and effortlessly and lovingly.
Jody, Universe
wow-your message Jo, from your heart, is so powerfully infused with loving energy that before I read any words, as I opened the email, I felt a rush of gentle holding and was in tears with no cognition. ...each time I read the message the energy travels more profoundly. It is incredibly special and intertwines with your wonderful surprise processes at the Quick Pulse time and re-listening to your energy field protection process being replayed this week.

I believe this energy and the magnificent words in your heart message can only boost Wish power to align it in manifesting.

Your timing (Universe timing) is also perfect. This week held challenge of being successfully scammed; ironically connected to gratitude for what I thought was kindness of strangers and protection-to later learn there never was danger. A large amount of money had not needed to be spent. A car cost more to fix from what the con did. And rather than receiving kindness I was being duped.

Nonetheless, it made it clear I would rather live from capacity to assume kindness than intrinsically assume the worst of strangers who appear to be kind. (and I do have very good radar scanners usually) And even in its midst, I was aware of sense the universe was messaging me that I had immediate fiscal capacity in a present moment, to transact.

So...I'm hoping these interesting life navigations are further energizing, a true compass and demonstrated arrivals of simple good without trapdoors, smoke and mirrors or ensconced in trouble.

And just as the smoke they claimed my car and I needed saving from was not from real trouble, the falseness of whatever else appears to limit or lessen or prevent full arrival of my Wish to manifest sufficiency also evaporates; leaving the largess that was already here and accessible visible and easy to connect with and receive...still wish I could click my heels and land at the retreat...
Marija, Croatia
My wish came true. I am so grateful. It was beautiful. Love and joy to everyone : )
Kim, Escondido, CA
Thank you Jo! My wish has come true and it truly has brought peace of mind to my every day life. I feel very blessed, grateful, and supported by the Universe :-)
Marga, Dublin
I would like to thank you for the energy to making my wish to come true. For the support that I received. I finally lost weight which took a while, but I am ready to make more changes now! Feel so much better, confident! Ready for another wish! Thank you JO!
Galen, Vancouver, WA
I wished I would be able to find a bunch of Jo Dunning broadcasts since there were only a few on youtube that I had been using. Then I stumbled (or was led) onto the broadcasts and there are a bunch! I then wished for some help with specific processes, and later that day I listened to the Sept 4, 2009 broadcast and it had the exact processes to help me. Now I am wishing for a recorded energy process to help me fall asleep quickly and easily, sleep soundly through the night, and wake easily and well rested in the morning. There are a bunch more broadcasts ahead. I am so thankful for the broadcasts I have been listening to them in order and can feel the transformation happening daily. It seems what ever I am struggling with or needing help with the next recorded broadcast I listen to helps exactly with that. This is so much fun! Thank you so much Jo!

Also I was wishing for some energy processes on the Last Tuesday of the Month Sept 2012 call and what do you know Jo delivered! And then during the call I wished there would be a replay available and seconds later Jo said there would be a replay available. I love this! Thank you so much!
CO, Burbank Ca
My wish: to find a viable way to protect my god daughter from the daily emotional neglect and crushing psychological abusiveness of her father and stepmother so that she can survive and succeed.
I wish to have $2500. by September 30, 2013 to pay my mortgage the following day.
Lucy Lacy, NJ
I am still wishing for Lucy's Loft to unfold like a flower in the sun! I wish that I could have a safe place for women to heal and recover from addiction. I wish I had the finances and the enviornment where this could happen.
Loraine Otoo, Lancashire Manchester UK
Thank-you deeply Jo, for your kindness.
I have made my wish today, on the 26th September 2013.
susie, Santa Ana
Dear Jo
My wish about 6months ago. I wish that my Mom
would me cancer free On Sept 24.2013
She is CANCER FREE!!!!!! Thankyou Jo
P.s Thank you Deb. I bouth a simple path to a miraculous life. My life is change
I am very grateful heart
Joan, Carrollton, GA
I wished for joy in my life.
Sarah Louise Philips, United States
Great Call tonight on the Pulse with your 3 Processes. Thanks
claudia, guatemala
I wish for going on DIsney┬┤s Cruise With my Family
I just want to heal and remove all
of my fears.
I just want to be happy...
Natascha, Amsterdam
Dear Jo,
This morning after the Brain Function Transformation, I felt completely in love with myself. My judging thoughts about myself are gone. This may be the biggest gift I've ever gotten in my life. Many thanks and much love to you and all the people who help you put your wonderful work out there!!!
Eevie, Boise, Idaho
Thank you Jo for helping me remember the power of making a wish! I have been battling a draining physical illness; I made my wish, and I have also been tapping into energy by using "a gift from Jo" on you tube each morning. Its been a week and I am fully recovered. I noticed the change in two days; but I have been so afraid to believe it could be true!!! I love you! Thank you so much!
Ever Hopeful, Santa Fe, NM
Okay, wish two feels complete enough for me to move on to wish three: Tomorrow I'm having surgery. My wish is that it go smoothly and everything is corrected easily and painlessly. That I heal miraculously quickly, and the doctor and I are both delighted with the results.
Teresa Helgeson, Denver, CO
Miracles abound with every wish I make. Thank you Jo for helping me make another dream come true. Sending love and blessings to you for all you do!
Cozy, Atchison, kansas USA
My wish is for my son to be successful at college where he has a football scholarship. He needs to keep his grades up, decide his major, gain confidence, self esteem, like himself and see that he has a purpose. Help him to excel in football and bond with his coaches and teammates and love the college.
Ever Hopeful, Santa Fe, NM
I'm making my second wish, since the first one came true so quickly and spectacularly.
This one is trickier because it involves family dynamics, and therefore other people.
I hope and wish and pray this wish is also granted quickly and with astonishing Grace.
Child of Light,
Thankyou....Thankyou... Thankyou.... Wish of yesterday granted with such ease and grace. If the vibration of my gratitude was a sound, surely it would be, the perfect fifth, the C and the G and the Masters gentle tap of two tuning forks. If it was a colour surely it would be that of a full moon rising against a twilight sky....glimpses of joy ahead after so many silent tears, I am forever grateful.....
Juan G, Medellin, Colombia
Hi Jo

I just did it again! i have made come true two big wishes!!!

Now i just made a new wish that opens new opportunities in my life and so for my family!

Thank you very very much for your guidance and all your energy
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