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Jo Dunning Home Page

Jo Dunning Home Page

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Jo Dunning Home Page
Jo Dunning Home Page

The Wish Project Blog

Listen to the recording on the Wish Project page to make your wish.

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The journal below is a place where you can share and celebrate your wish. You can celebrate your wish when it comes true or when it is just starting in your life. You can also celebrate any of the wonderful little coincidences and surprises that happen in your life along the way to your wish coming true. When your wish comes true, you are welcome to begin again and make another wish. One wish at a time you can change your life! You can make a small wish that might happen very quickly or a bigger wish. Come here to this blog often and enjoy the celebration of wishes.

Please know that entries with advertising, links, email addresses, questions, personal requests or requests for contact, etc. are not eligible for posting.   


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Donna T, Vancouver Island, Canada
I began with a small wish which came true. Now, I'm going for a huge wish and I'm wishing for it in it's perfection. My wish is that my farm sells for $565,000 before the end of May. I realize that's a lot to ask for but I need to embrace my deepest desire, and this is where it begins. Much love to all and thank-you for sharing your wonderful wishes.
Ruth, Woodstock, Ontario, Canada
Since my wish is to find my life's PASSION and to make a comfortable living in doing so I ordered Doreen Virtue's Life Purpose Angel Oracle Cards. They were delivered the other day. I've used them twice and the theme has been about writing and authoring a book. I've not ever consciously thought about writing ~ not seriously anyway ~ but I'm willing to test the waters and to explore this avenue. I am certainly getting a lot of divine guidance in this area. I'm going to find a writing course and try it on for size ! Will let you know how it goes. The other cards that have come up are "Healer" and "Oracle". These both resonate with me as I've often longed to help others with the gifts of healing and be a vehicle for divine guidance. Who knows, perhaps I'll write something that will help others in this regard? Light, love and blessings to all. <3
Griselda, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Hello Jo,
I would like to Thank You, for helping me achieve my wish, to make $800K+++ as soon as possible.
Thanks again,
Jane, Halifax, NS, Canada
My first wish come true was being guided to the wish project! A few hours earlier, I had called on my ancestors, some of whom had been wealthy to help me increase my income to a very secure level. And bingo! your site showed up when I emailed a client a description of the Amygdala initiation. I feel very helped which is wonderful. Thank you with all my heart, Jo - for this generosity.
NS, Europe
Thank you so much, my wish is becoming reality.
Thank you for all your wonderful work. Whenever I listen you speak I feel a tingling energy that makes me smile.
Love, N.
Karen Clothier, NY
I made a wish for my jaw to be healed. I am very grateful to Jo Dunning, for offering this generous and beautiful gift, this opportunity to make a wish!
Sonia, Canada
I need help to make my dream come true. Two years ago, I had a most amazing experience that any human being can have. Everything happened in my dream. I had a feeling that something was downloading my brain with information’s about abused life of women from 1930, 1960. and 1980 Something lead me thru that time period with such precise that I was shocked. The information that I gathered was thru story that I sow and after that I wrote a short novel just to record that incredible experience .After that I knew that what I witnessed was not coincidence and that I am destined to help women who are abused. I have a plan how to do that in a bigger scale but I need any help that I get to make this happen.
Moraima, Brooklyn, NY
Thank you, Jo, so very much for this and all your blessings! I wished for all the money to pay for the Quick Pulse Training and Initiation and it all came to me through tax refund and client work. Today I just paid for the initiation. I'm so excited to be taking this class. I can't wait. Now I've just made my second wish. Thank you and bless you, Jo!
Sus, VA
My first wish was for trusting and welcoming what life brings, and the answer to that was on a very sweet, deep level. I sink deeper into it every day, realizing that it's really ok to be me - it's not about struggle. Scary, but true. Then I wished for financial freedom. I have been undecided about where to put my energy to bring in income, and I have wanted to make the effort to be more professional in my marketing. A chance came today, and I actually did it! We'll see what it leads to, but it was a step taken. I'm realizing how much my fears can paralyze - it's obvious now, and simple. Thanks so much for the support - I can always feel it right away, as soon as I connect with your work. Big hug!
mrmiraculous, Canada
thanks Jo! i manifested 3 new roommates for my home!
i also used the pulse technique to clear the blocks i had to manifesting with ease. the day after that my phone was ringing on and on! thanks allot! u r my greatest miracle manifested! i look forward to co-manifesting the next one! infinite love and blessings to you, may all these miracles come back to you a million fold!
Tamaro (tamiel) McAfee, Okeechobee, Florida, 34974-6953
It is my greatest wish to consciously merge, on all dimensions - especially the physical- to my higher self, Christ conscience, and source energy as a healing master and devoted servant of the light. Thank you for loving us.
I command a constant permanent flow of love sent all though out eternity.
I view my global brothers and sisters as my family. I wish we all
Sue , Cleveland Ohio, United States of America
Hello - I am moving toward reaching my Financial WISH. Wonderful things happening - I have a new job in the last 2 weeks - I won a contest at my job and received movie ticket! :] Live is So Good!
Stephanie Vassallo, Van Nuys, CA
I wished for financial resources flowing in in great abundance so that I can spend all sorts of leisure time with the family together traveling, living, relaxing, learning, affording the schools, care and togetherness for optimum well being with more than enough to share generously with others. Since then, I have been assigned to a different job that will begin in June and while I don't yet see how it fits the wish, it must. I am doing my part to keep an open empty inquiring mind about how it will all work. Also, I have noticed more the precious time I do have with my family, the richness and depth and love we have together. How we enjoy one another's company. How we listen to each other with interest. I love and enjoy when we get to share meals together. We also just found out that my 10 year old's school did not save a space for him next year as we had not signed the contract while we were waiting for his developmental evaluation (probably somewhere on the autism spectrum). Since the wish included schooling, it is bound that a new school that is a better fit for the boy and that we can afford is soon to reveal itself. All of this is in flux and I am trusting the process and noticing how it feels when I don't trust the process. (ick!) Since the wish I also went on an overnight field trip with my youngest son's class - there's some travel and learning. And I made the effort to attend at least part of my older child's drama competition. And so, I am paying attention to the many opportunities already available to show up and join in in spending time together and I'm grateful for those. Many thanks for helping me notice what I already have. love, stephanie
Alison Cole, Kalamazoo, MI, 49008
I am sooooooo excited! I got my wish!I have wanted a convertible VW for 25 years and I asked for that to be my wish on March 23rd and on April 12th I found my car and I am getting on May 13th Mothers Day!! I am so excited to have this car, I have absolutely longed for it forever!! I am thrilled to have it in my driveway soon!! Thank you Jo soooooo much, Much love and Blessings abound!! Alison
Jody, USA
I made a new wish today. same area as my first rewished wish and yet definitely a different wish. And a happy yes, it was much easier this wishing for me to imagine detail of could be's in its fulfillment.

I mused a bit if my first wish was completed and I decided yes...not actually as my wishing mind at the time might have 'measured', and yet true to my wish -clearly, yes.

I'd had lots of wish tickles early days of first wish and then kinda quiet and yet I kept thinking about that wish.

Then in a fell swoop of a morning, technically all that my first wish asked for happened. When I made the wish I had been thinking in broader life strokes but...I hadn't actually made that as any direct element of my wish.

Bout that wish of a morning...several weeks ago I went to use a gift card at my favorite cosmetic counter at a department store. They suggested I wait a few weeks, come to their early morning department wide event, get a goody bag, be entertained and fed breakfast, and then get a discount on any purchases. They also said, as I chatted about one of the things I do, that the manager would introduce me to an exec where it seemed a good possibility that some of what I do and she might want for future events, could be aligned.

I said Yes and last week went to the event.

Before breakfast, each participant (bout 90 people) filled their name on a card that went into a bag. During the event, each main counter did a short presentation and then pulled a name from the bag. (bout 6 presentations)

After my favorite counter's event...YUP, I won the raffle. A basket with well over $200 of products. So...the counter conversation that started it ~winning their basket, having more play space to use my gift card, and getting an event goody bag with more of my counter's stuff as well as all the others. I'd say I had complete ease and fun with money in my life that morning. And the breakfast was actually good!

Bout that business card connection...I introduced myself and on one surface looked just a pleasant conversation...Later thinking bout it...possibilities exist that could turn into... I look most forward to launching my attentions to my brand new wish.
Blessings all and thank you all ways, JO!
Deborah, Kennesaw Ga
You'll never believe this, my daughter and I were touring two colleges yesterday.(My wish is to help my daughter wisely choose a college for fall) At the first school, we spontaneously ran into (can you spell J-O?) an old rugby team mate of hers.
Who not only attends the university, but is majoring in biomedical engineering, the subject my daughter is interested in and has the same long term plan, med- school.19,000 thousand students and we randomly ran into the one kid we needed to talk to.- Thanks Jo
Sylvia Svihel, Belle Plaine, MN
I won $8 on my lottery tickets this week! One small step towards the big lottery jackpot win :)

Love and blessings to one and all!
Osang, Barcelona
I wish for financial abundance. I am working again continuously after two weeks of no work. Thank you very much Jo! Thank you God! Namaste.
Deborah, Kennesaw Ga
I am wishing for support in helping my daughter wisely pick her college for next fall. We have about 10 days to make this decision. Two nights ago we sat at the kitchen table and had a long conversation, after days of her not wanting to "discuss" this topic. Thanks for your help Jo!
K., WA
Thank You! things are beginning, new places, new friends, new opportunities! just Wonderful!
Hi Jo
My wished is learn Service Pint cashier give excellent customer service.Know the product description too I learn today I need to improved on my speed. and product descriptions
thank you
Patricia, NM
First wish was for an externship which I need to graduate. After weeks of legwork and phone calls, I got one, oddly? suprisingly? thankfully! wishfully! at the location I had been longing for since February! Yippee! And, someone quit the day after I started, hmmm, so, onto my next wish....
pam, Los Angeles,CA
My first wish dealt with something that I always want to happen in my life for the greater good of form an open heart. I can feel it more than ever.
I've decided to dive into the 2nd one..can't wait..i know it's coming true because i can feel it already & boy does it feel YUMMY
Sujatha, Bangalore, India
A very big miracle related to our Ancestral home happened... !! All thanks to Jo's prayers... I'm still telling myself that it really happened.. so believe it..!! Thank you Jo - this is a HUGE gift the Universe has given me...
Casey , Pendleton, OR
My wish is big, big! Am starting to see "the puzzle pieces"! Opportunity to gain new client=accepted, personal debt turned into a gift instead of debt(debt released), new insight into what I hang onto that gets in the way of going forward...WOW. I am so grateful for the energetic support & I am feeling very supported. Thank you Jo! Thank you all who are participating!This is an amazing project. Blessed Be.
Elke, Auchterarder, Scotland
Thank you so much Jo and Deb for all the work you do and all the great projects you are coming up with.
My wish was to get rid of my migraines. It's still work in progress, but things are getting slowly better. I'm managing with less and sometimes without medication. Thank you again for all your support.
Love & Light
anita patel, usa
My son wished he would get over his eneuresis and sure enough he did within a couple days of making the wish! Thank you Jo; I am still waiting on my wish to come true for my monthly income to increase!
I wished for an event I'm organizing to be fully booked. Yesterday two people registered and I feel my wish is unfolding slowly but steadily.
Thank you Jo you are an angel.
Irene , Los Angeles, California
Hi Jo,
Just want to say thank you for giving us the gift of our wishes. My first wish was to release 5 pounds which I had been carrying around for 1 year without success. I made my wish March 23 and have released 6 pounds already without struggle. I was able to enjoy a meal with family including sweets and not deprive myself. The energy you gave us as a gift really worked for me. I was skeptical at first but continued & now have this good report to give you. Thank you again.
susie, winchester Ca
Hi Jo
Thank you for the wish project. Wished for financial stability.I am getting more hours at work now.Learning to go with the flow.Hey. How does it get any better then this what else is possible. Thank you Jo and Deb and Staff
love, joy, laughter
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