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Jo Dunning Home Page

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Jo Dunning Home Page
Jo Dunning Home Page

The Wish Project Blog

Listen to the recording on the Wish Project page to make your wish.

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The journal below is a place where you can share and celebrate your wish. You can celebrate your wish when it comes true or when it is just starting in your life. You can also celebrate any of the wonderful little coincidences and surprises that happen in your life along the way to your wish coming true. When your wish comes true, you are welcome to begin again and make another wish. One wish at a time you can change your life! You can make a small wish that might happen very quickly or a bigger wish. Come here to this blog often and enjoy the celebration of wishes.

Please know that entries with advertising, links, email addresses, questions, personal requests or requests for contact, etc. are not eligible for posting.   


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Amy, Ma
I have an interview with for a position I really can do and want. My rent went up $300 and I need a solid job now. Please keep me I your prayers- I ask for guidance for-this or something better where I can be of use, do good and work well.

Thank you.
Jody, USA
The eve of my birthday seems a wonderful time space to wish anew...I'm about to do that...
thank you Jo.
Marylinn, South Pasadena, CA
I cannot say my wish has been granted. I can say that transformation goes on, as I recently posted on my blog. Thank you for your energy work, Jo.

"The only way out is through"
Some years ago I explained to a therapist that I was Sisyphus AND I was the rock. Instead of being the conversational cherry bomb that knocked some debris out the way, it sat there, unexplored. One of the remembered and forgotten moments when I was sure I was talking in tongues.

Awareness is the telemarketer who keeps dialing your number until you answer. Assuming, as with the Sisyphus/rock realization, that we are always all the performers, props, scripts and directors in our own dramas, I suppose I ought to take heart that any portion of my self is paying attention. It wishes to be heard and it is relentlessly patient.

Knowing, then admitting, that each aspect of my struggle, as well as longed-for redemption, is my responsibility is wearying. I would rather be writing about something color-drenched or lilting but fancy footwork takes energy I don't have. My wiser self, once soft-spoken and hesitant, or so I imagine, has become insistent. I see it watching the clock, urging me to a quicker response than I would come to on my own. It has at its disposal the pointy stick of, oh, physical discomfort, insomnia, anxiety, the sense of everything being off.

More than 25 years ago, having arrived at the amends portion of a 12-step program, I stepped out of my car at a farmer's market one Saturday to see the person whose name was at the top of my list. I tried to turn around, muttering, "you can't mean me, you can't mean now." Turning back was not an option. Now it seems, and perhaps I should say at last, putting right the wrongs against myself is not a choice, unless I am willing to let the increasingly intolerable symptoms of torpor dismantle and maim me.

As to the next step, the next, often-described, indicated thing, I am uncertain. To write this may be a preamble to larger heroic acts. I don't feel heroic today; I barely feel present. Such a capacity for generating interior fog will likely not make any list of personality strengths. I do, though, believe a crisis comes when we are equal to the challenge, however inadequate we feel. Time to answer the phone.
We have been a one car family for 7 years. My wish was to be able to get a new car before Sept. 2 days after I made my wish I have a beautiful new *kid friendly* van sitting in our driveway!! We'd even been looking at lesser models (trims etc.) and those didn't work out for whatever reason. We ended up getting everything I wanted in a van and more. Thank you so much for sharing your loving energy with my family and everyone!
ava, Holland
Hi Jo,
I loved the energy boost hour 23-24 May.
I already have the silence cd and abundance cd set.
Is it possible to have the energy boost also on cd?
It was a very warm and healing energy with love and peace and joy.
barbara, Toronto, Canada
Infinite love and gratitude. My wish may take some time, but I trust it will manifest.
Lourdes, Palm Beach, FL
My last two wishes were health related - minor items, but bothersome nonetheless. The first issue was resolved within four days. The second issue was resolved within 24 hours! Thank you, Jo! You rock! :) Now on to my next wish, which is a biggie . . .
Cami, CA, United States
Thank you, Beautiful Jo, for all that you give and give and give. I so appreciate your loving, gentle gifts. I don't remember ( =? ) what my wish was but every time I get overwhelmed or confused about a setback, ease sets in soon. I have a huge move coming up and I feel your energetic assistance and want to thank you, thank you! What a fun reality this is!
susie, winchertes calif
Hi Jo
Thank you fo for the special enevgy hour My heart is full of joy and love. bless you Jo and Staff

peace hugs
karen, stockton, ca
3 days ago i made a wish about a job....and today it like on to next step of my wish.....that my son and i move from here in stockton to santa rosa to a nice place of our own by the time he starts school for 8th grade..thank you to the universe and Jo...looking forward to this being our positive forward and no more issues. I am grateful for all i have my friends and for the blessing of all to come.
Thank you, Jo, for sending us your loving energy vibrations the last two days! It helped me take an action step toward my wish, which is for mental health, emotional stability, a clear mind, energy and joy, to be the best I can be. That wish was only in my head and before I could even put it on this blog, I felt led to make a call to someone who offered advice and good suggestions. I'm so hopeful now, after many years, that it seems I'm on my way. I'm looking forward to having my wish completely fulfilled. Thank you, and loving blessings to you!
Lisa, San Diego
Thank you Jo, for your generosity and loving kindness in assisting us all with our transformations. You are a huge blessing to the world. My first wish is for financial independence/freedom. This will enable me to regain my personal power and leave situations in which I'm dependent on others. It will also assist with my health and help move me forward in my life purpose and journey. As well, I will be able to help my daughter in ways unimaginable. I can't wait to report back, as I know you help create miracles. Love and hugs!
Valerie, Las Vegas Nv
Jo, I am 100 percent thankful and delighted with your unexpected gift. Thank you a million times. And may all of your wishes come true al well
josie the aussie, Los Angeles
I feel so happy and blessed after making my wish during the special energy hour. Yahoo! You are a true fairy godmother. Thank you so much for all that you do for us. Love to you and everyone on the blog. xxoxx
Mary, Eugene, Oregon
I am wishing for financial freedom & abundance that will allow me to follow my heart's desires!
Erin, Langley, Wa
Dear Jo and Staff: what a loving thing you are doing with the Energy Boost, the Wish Project, the Prayer List, etc., etc.. I am so grateful for your contribution to the world. Thank you for deLIGHTing the planet.

My current wish is to receive financial abundance to buy a car I love!
Sheryl A., Union City, CA USA
Jo, thank you for the amazing gift you've offered to so many!

I asked for awakening of my Higher Self, and to change my life for the best. Some might think it's a huge wish. And it is... And it's already begun! Changes were almost missed at first, but my awareness keeps growing. Now I see more and bigger changes in myself and around me. My new, exciting journey has begun, and I'm so excited!

This is what you've given to me, and I've begun to give to others so the gift can grow and multiply. Thank you for your generosity! May the gift you gave to me, and the gift I give to others, blossom and multiply a million-fold!
Carole, North Vancouver BC Canada
My wish is for a completely healthly body where my blood sugar is forever balanced and all the cells and organs in my body are healthy, vital and alive.
La Posa, Carlsbad CA
I wish for excellent mental-emotional-physical health without stress, pain and grief. To experience more of God and more joy and love in my life.
Thank you
Alisa, Orange County, California
LOVE this vibrational boost energy, I feel it very strongly! It feels like the vibration of love. I would love to feel this energy all day every day - would it be possible to make a CD of it? Thank you for this gift!!
Josefina, Colombia
Hello Jo,
Thanks for this beautiful gift of energy you are showering us with. I was very anxious yesterday thinking how to get the money to pay a couple of obligations this week; and this morning I just found some money in a book! hahaha, how incredible, I didn't remember when I put aside this money but just find it in the perfect moment, and is just enough to cover all I needed to pay this week!
I felt the magic of being taken care of and a reassurance that I can trust in life.
My first wish was to become more physically active, and more opportunities to move and exercise my body had started to show up! I'll just wait that this physical activity becomes more steady in my life before asking for my second wish! Thank you, Thank you, all my love
Dorothy JoY, Youngstown, Ohio
The vision and dream I held intention for, Jo, during your first presentation about "The Wish Project," was for a series of events I personally want to see in my life, in America, and in the world. These events in order are: containment of the dark powers, abundance for everyone, and disclosure of our galatic brothers and sisters.
Today, when I did the prayer work and decrees in front of my altar for "abundance," I deeply felt my Spirit shift to: "It is done!" and everything within me felt such JOY and grateful appreciation with tremendous celebration! "It is done!" and "It is on its way!" Thank you, Jo, for your loving support and the energy you have directed to complete this wonderul gift of abundance to all of us!!! I share this in celebration and with deep gratitude! DorothyJoY
mary jo, austin tx
appreciation, gratitude and a thousands hugs to JO.
this work is the best!

Thank you for sharing all that you are and believing in all of us.

Transformation at its finest hour, here at the world sessions !
Sue, Maple Grove, MN
Have been fully appreciating and taking advantage of the extra energy being sent yesterday and today. Thankyou, Thankyou, Thankyou!
As I look at the Globe spinning I see that people in cities very near me are also participating. Would be fun to have some way to connect with these kindred spirits occasionally. Just a thought!
Yasuko T, Toronto, Canada
Dear Jo,
My wish came true today (on23 May).
Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.
Jo, Newmarket, ON Canada
Dear Jo

I KNOW that as we give so we receive -- and I am grateful and delighted to receive so generously from you, feel this connection and send back to you. So, dear Jo, here's another dollop of Love and Light and great good Cheer!

Bless you -- so glad to feel your Shining!

With Love and Thanks, Jo
Cynthia, Westfield, MA
I have just made my first wish for an immediate increase in my financial abundance. Thank you Jo for all the wonderful work you do
Wendy, Oak Hill, VA
Thank you Jo for this beautiful gift! Much love to you and your team.
I wish for a loving and fulfilling marriage relationship with a man who is self aware, intelligent, on the path of enlightenment, awake, conscious and evolving so that we can walk together hand in hand, supporting one another to our highest growth and purpose, ascending in vibration joyfully with our children and the rest of humanity on the New Earth dimension.
Ruth, Dunedin, Otago, New Zealand
Thank you so much Jo for this amazing gift. My wish at this time is to be with my life partner. Someone who can love me unconditionally.
Janice, UK
Thank you Jo for your wonderful open heart and generosity in sharing this project. I know in my heart that my wish for a stronger, healthier body will come true. Thank you and bless you, and all those who are making wishes.
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