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The Wish Project Blog

Listen to the recording on the Wish Project page to make your wish.

Click here to add your comment for the blog.

The journal below is a place where you can share and celebrate your wish. You can celebrate your wish when it comes true or when it is just starting in your life. You can also celebrate any of the wonderful little coincidences and surprises that happen in your life along the way to your wish coming true. When your wish comes true, you are welcome to begin again and make another wish. One wish at a time you can change your life! You can make a small wish that might happen very quickly or a bigger wish. Come here to this blog often and enjoy the celebration of wishes.

Please know that entries with advertising, links, email addresses, questions, personal requests or requests for contact, etc. are not eligible for posting.   


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Kathryn, Santa Fe, NM
Thank you Jo for providing us with the Wish Project. My wish when you first opened up the Wish Projuec to all of us was for the injury and pain in my foot to heal so I can exercise and walk easily without pain and discomfort. My foot is much improved even though I welcome more healing. I am confident that your energy and healing will disipate the problem with my patience and time. Thank you so much for the healing that has already accured with my foot and will write in again as the pain disappears. Love to you. Kathryn
Mary, Chicago
Dear Jo,

I am sitting here, at my desk, receiving your magnificent gift of these exquisitely pure and steadily pulsating crystalline vibrations. Wow!
There is not adequate language to encompass the precious beauty of this gift. Nor are there words to properly express my gratitude.
All I can say is that I am tremendously thankful for the precious blessing of your life.
Your generosity of heart and spirit are helping all of us to see the living presence of heaven on earth in each moment!

All my love,
Kathy, Hartford, WI
I wish for improved financial abundance allowing me to fully live my purpose.
Gaitree, Fort Lee NJ
Thank you for being so generous in creating this project that will benefit so many. I wished for my own Kitchen Design Showroom , the kitchen is the heart of the home ,I want to honor that and to be in the awareness with the help of the Angels when I create beautiful designs.The world needs families to sit and have their meals together in a peaceful atmosphere. Many blessings !
evenstar, MN
Wish for healing for daughter Dancing.
Susan, Palatine illinois
I wish to have a lovely home in California and easily move there with my family. This wish was made a while ago and things are starting to move in that direction. We have a home in California that we have identified and our present home is up for sale. Things are going in the right direction, thank you Jo for having opportunities that I am taking advantage of that assist me in maintaining my balance along the way.
Gisele, Housatonic, MA
Just made my first wish - this is so much fun!!! I do feel that the Energies love us to play with them. Thank-you Sweet Jo.
I did a smaller wish first, so I can build some momentum and come back soon. :))) I sent it to all my friends who might like so we can all share in this delight.
Luci, Capitol Heights, MD
I wished for a new job/a means to take care of myself and my children. I am close to that wish becoming a reality, but, have to go through a clearance/credit check. I am afraid that my bad credit and debt my disqualify me. I pray that despite that, I will get the job. If not, perhaps there is something even BETTER coming soon.
Eileen Meagher, Chattanooga, TN, USA
I am wishing for abundant good health. Thank you, Jo!
You are such a gift to us all:-)
Sue, Maple Grove, Minnesota
I made a wish that I thought was kind of big. I don't think about it too mush but occasionally become aware that things are changing for me. Love it, Love it, Love it. I have much appreciation for you and this Wish Project. Bless Your Little Heart.
Adriana, miami, Florida Usa
I believe my wish will come true:-)
Christina Blake, Astoria, NY United States
My wish is to marry the man of dreams. I know he is out there looking for me too. So let it be..

Thank you! :)
Sue, FL
I wish for an increase in income, money and financial abundance each and every day, week, month and year so that I will have the resources to fix and decorate my home and to provide for all of my needs and desires. I am open to receive from all sources for my highest good, easily and peacefully. Thank you Universe and Jo for this energy!
Heather, VA
My wish is to receive the money I need to take a new course that is really important to me, which will help facilitate healing for myself and others.
Regina-Sophia, Tivoli NY USA
Blessings and P E A C E to All and thank you to Esther Francis for sharing this gift from JO. It was wonderful to pay it forward and share it with my friends and family. It is also a soothing and comforting to know that all my Loved-Ones are on the Prayer List.
May the Goddess Bless us ALL forever more.
We Are ONE
Rita, Savannah, GA USA
Just as I was on the globe for the extra energy boost, my husband called. He wanted to let me know that he was getting the wood for our cabinets- they had what he wanted for 1/2 the price he had originally been quoted. What a total blessing. The savings paid for the tools he just purchased today.
Erin, NY
I wish for the love of my life to come back to me. I will let you know when he does :)
Manon Laurin, Magog, Qué. Canada
My wish is to TAKE ACTION towards financial independance in a project that is passionate using my artistic talents.
Angela, Middlesex NY
My wish is to accept fully my Divine essential nature and feel, know, and experience the truth of my Being which was so clear in childhood.
Manon Laurin, Magog, Qué. Canada
My wish is to take action towards financial independance doing a passionate project where I develop my artistic talents.
Angela, Middlesex NY
My first wish that my mother's condo be sold so that I could begin to feel the freedom & gifts of her passing over and release the pain, longing & sadness for her physical presence. This wish took just two months and a young couple fell in love with the place and through many obstacles, came up with the money to realize their dream (and mine!!!) Thank you for this renewed energy and courage in life going forward.
Sri Lalita, Quebec, Canada
I wish to clearly understand the move I need to make concerning my relationship. I wand to be able to read the signs, be inspired, be authentic and true to myself, while knowing that the choice I make is the best I can make ! I need to aknowledge the deep longing I feel to be satisfied, happy, joyful and deeply loved.
King, US
Margaret, TN
My first wish was for improved health and my health is improved.

My second more recent wish was / is for improved financial situation and I am interested to see how that is going to unfold.

A friend is coming to visit next week for a mini-vacation and she said not to worry about the money - she has some money saved and will treat me so that is a very good thing on the financial front.
Marie, Canada
Thank you JO For being a miracle in my life. The amygdala activation has been the most profound for me. My being loves very much the calmness it feels because of the activation. I was very lucky to be part of it.
Thank you from the bottom of my heart.
I wished for a way to help pay for my education, any only a few days later I received an email with a fellowship offer. I am grateful for your energy that surrounded my wish and its manifestation. Going to make my second wish. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.
Rita, Savannah, GA USA
My wish is for our remodeling project and move to our new home go smoothly. This wish is in progress, but is working. My husband was just able to purchase the tools he needed for remodeling at a bargain.
Thank you Jo for this wonderful blessing :)
Kemba, DC
I am beginning to see that my wish is coming true and it is so thrilling. Thank you so much Jo for this out of this wold gift! Love ya!
SA, New York
I wished for the perfect-for-me apt and a peaceful, easy breezy separation. Within 24hrs I received a call about an apt. in a building I'd recently let a beautiful apt. go... this could be the one!
This is so powerful it happens so fast.
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