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Jo Dunning Home Page

Jo Dunning Home Page

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Jo Dunning Home Page
Jo Dunning Home Page

The Wish Project Blog

Listen to the recording on the Wish Project page to make your wish.

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The journal below is a place where you can share and celebrate your wish. You can celebrate your wish when it comes true or when it is just starting in your life. You can also celebrate any of the wonderful little coincidences and surprises that happen in your life along the way to your wish coming true. When your wish comes true, you are welcome to begin again and make another wish. One wish at a time you can change your life! You can make a small wish that might happen very quickly or a bigger wish. Come here to this blog often and enjoy the celebration of wishes.

Please know that entries with advertising, links, email addresses, questions, personal requests or requests for contact, etc. are not eligible for posting.   


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Able, Walterboro, SC
I have been a chronic insomniac for many of the decades of my life (at least the last 4). Despite trying everything to fall asleep and stay that way, I remained bleary-eyed and wakeful. That was my wish, to sleep all night every night. And now I do. Thank you! Sleep feels as good as I imagined it would.
Cathy, Vancouver, BC
Thank you Jo. My wish came true and seems to be holding. I processed something big in what normally would take a lot of time. It was intense but a really good learning and aha moment for me!!!! Thank you for your help:))))
Kate B., Philadelphia, Pa.
I applied for admittance to a 2 year course on spiritual nurturing & was notified, 3 weeks prior to expectation, that I had been accepted. Yay!
graciela, Bogota, Colombia
Hello Jo!!! Thank you!!! jajajajajaja my wish came true allready( 2 weeks ago) and it was not a small wish ajajajjajaja i am so happy! muack(kiss) i am coming for my next one jajajajajajajajaja you are so wonderfull and generous about your energy !!siiiii!! so glad i found out about you, kisses
Graciela Ines
Darlene, B.C, Canada
Thank you for offering once again a opportunity of a lifetime. Your generousity is wonderfully overwhelming.
Diana Chernoff-Pate, Auburn, CA., USA
I was wishing for a doctor I wanted and I finished my wish and the phone rang and it was his office. My appointment is made. Thank you! for being a positve source in my life.
Mary, Davenport Iowa
My wish has come true, everything moved so quickly I am racing with excitement and joy at the same time. My actual wish became part of the BIG wish that I thought I had already recieved when in fact it was "all" a part of the wish. Everything fell into place so beautifully. I let go let God and amazingly enough it has happened. My wish was for our home to sell out of state, I had already recieved and accepted a wonderful job offer and had to relocate quickly, leaving behind my husband and sweet dogs. In our neighborhood we have 7 homes for sell in a 1 mile radius, no one had sold their home. Just 2 weeks ago my husband was participating in a garage sale with other neighbors and a woman was asking who's home it was down the street that was for sale. Long story short my husband showed our home and she made an offer that day. Before this had taken place withi 2 days of my moving to Iowa I made an offer on a home I had seen on the internet, I wanted that particular home. Come to find out the home which we are closing on next week, had been sold and 1 week prior to my arrival the sell fell through....this is amazing and wonderful,oh the possiblilites are endless!!!
Manuela, Netherlands
Hi, all. Thank you Jo for this beautiful project. My wish was/is for opening up to more Love. I can feel it expanding and expanding. It is beautiful. I start seeing people with different eyes and the automatic mind activity of judging is slowly but surely fading, and the people i meet on my daily path I see with different eyes. Much Love and Grattitude, I am open to even more :-)
Amy, Ma
I havea second interview for a position I really want and think I would do a great job for. But regardless of what happens, I am learning to trust. Icahn work, I do god work and something great is going to happen soon.

Please keep me I mind and thank you for this project.
Rachel, Paris, France
My wish came true within hours.
I'm a singer and an actress and I always wait for the very last moment to prepare for a show and I ended up being frustrated, because I knew I could have done much better if I had prepared earlier, if, if, if ...
And so my wish may appear to be a simple one but so huge for me. I asked the ability to prepare in advance for my shows.
And the very day after, in the morning, I was working on songs and a text for two upcoming shows. I worked non-stop, with pleasure and perseverance every day. And so on the days of the shows, I was feeling confident and relaxed, my sleeping was much better, which means a lot.
I am very happy and grateful for that and cannot thank you enough.
Thank you so much.
Merci beaucoup :-)
dwayne, los angeles,ca.,usa
i'm experiencing very positive reaction in my relationship,I know it's only a start but I believe every good thing such as the love for my girlfriend has to start somewhere like my growing up in a positive way and realizing how much I really do love this woman which iI thank you Jo Dunning for the continued positive reinforcement that i need daily to handle the stress of the rest of my life around me and to keep the peace and patience with my family ,my relationship and more my own self respect and love for me because I believe truly that one must love ones self to be able to love others,so again thank you and i will be making another wish in which I also thank you for such an opertunity...thanks,love ,and blessings
won $3 more , Oak Harbor WA USA
tarek bibi, Canada
thnk you infinitely jo, i asked to get the perfect roomates/subtenants and i did!
one of them cleans the whole home amazingly every week!
i asked that live rent free and it hapened!
i asked that i get to go to a chicago conference with ease
and someone picked me up fro toronto and invited em to stay with her and her friends for 3 nights at their hotel
i look forward to sharing this with more people and manifesting more miracles
Donna T, Vancouver Island, BC, Canada
Thank you Jo for your support during this project!

Not long ago, I wished that my farm would sell by the end of May for $565k - a long shot but that was my wish. The end of May came around and it hadn't happened, however, it did sell June 2 for $510 and I'm very pleased with that.

The Divine Universe has other plans that I can only hope to align with. Now, with less than one month left in this home, my next wish is to have all my possessions that need to go to a new person, go with ease. Ease in the process, ease for me to let go, ease for MF, ease for me to move on, ease for the perfect situation to show up and unfold, and ease on my part for acceptance of how it happens.

with much gratitude and blessings, Donna
M.S., MA
My wish came true within hours. I thought it would take weeks or months. Deepest gratitude, Jo!
Caroline, UK
For some reason I have the opposite of what I wished for!....I wished for the body weight of around 10 stone.... just 2 stone lighter than I had currently weighed at the time of making the wish, which I feel is very reasonable for my height and I have actually gained weight!!! Really bewildered by this!
Dia Costello, Glen Echo, MD
I wished to become a wonderful teacher and I was able to teach my first class on healing and just tonight I had a follow up webinar and it was fabulous! The energy of the class was so beautiful and heartfelt, now I really understand the power of group energy healing! Thank you Jo for bringing my wish to reality! I am so excited to teach more and more people! And now I am on to my second wish....wooohooo! With much gratitude and love! Dia
Bettina, Nashville, TN
I wish that my partner and I will be enjoying more little things of life together in our new place and that we will both stop doing a zillion things so that we cannot breathe and that after his open heart surgery we will go for 3 walks a day and be at peace and be light workers for the shift of the ages.
Linda, Manchester, MI
On 4/1 I made my wish. I felt the need to make a wish about money, a lifelong issue, but I had to go with the wish my heart really wanted: "deep in my heart I'm okay with ____ (last man in my life - broke up in 2007 but still not healed and I knew my heart was closed to any other love that might be offered to me because of this lack of resolution.) I was led back to the deepest roots of conditioning & chose to forgive my father for abandoning me and breaking my heart; Dad was my first careless love, as is usually the case, Mom and/or Dad. I always wanted my former mate to (in my words) step up to the plate and hit a home run for love. In the end I stepped up to the plate and hit the ball out of the park! Today I wrote ___ my letter of release, thanking him for being in my life and truly wishing him well. If he had not failed me so completely, I would not have revisited the first heartbreak and released it all. So many times in the process i was impatient, thinking it would take "forever" and the wish project only lasts through December - how would there be time to address money and other issues??? But I surrendered to it happening in its own time; I honored what my heart chose. And now I feel such freedom and such joy! Thank you so much, Jo, for this beautiful gift to all of us. It's priceless. I'm going to marinate in this joy for a little bit before I make the next wish. InLove, Linda
Maria , Oslo -Norway
My first wich came thrue :) My current wish is to receive more financial abundance. Thank you
emi, chicago, illinois
My wish was minor and I never thought about it after it was made. One day I realized my wish had come true! I am now on to a grander wish which I am sure will have the same remarkable result as my little wish. Thank you.
Bob Gambee, Rye, New York
Orders for my Princeton Impressions book are coming in. My goal is to sell out all available copies now! Thank you for the energy behind this.
Sincerely, Bob
Teresa Young, Tulsa, OK, USA
I made a wish that I would finally be able to accomplish my true purpose in the world & to be bountiful in so doing. I realized my true purpose is to be me & thereby change the world by doing just that, with all my special gifts & quirks. I also received a referral for energy work from a very unexpected source (a skeptic)! It was my first request in a very long time. I am wishing now to be independently wealthy so that I can do much more good in the world & live the life of my dreams! Money seems to be the only thing holding me back. Thank you, Jo, for your heartfelt service to the world. Truly you are the role model for me.
With blessings & much gratitude,
EvE, London, UK
It's Wed afternoon, which is a deadline for both my 1st wish and a paperwork that i fell behind and needed help with before leaving for a w/end break.
It's all done in time and rather stress-free, and i'm free to go to enjoy my trip with some peace of mind now. (But not until i make another little wish ;))
Thank you Jo and thank you everyone for sharing as it's such a pleasure to read your notes. Much Love
Su, Boston, MA, USA
It is my wish to have a great job in the perfect location, with excellent pay and benefits in a very supportive environment and one that advances me to use my skills and abilities to the max!

I've been enjoying these 'energy treatments' and they work! I know this job is just waiting for me and the next step is to discuss via interview the pay and start date! How exciting...........

Peace and love to all,

Bob Gambee, Rye, New York
Many strong leads on my Princeton Book now! I am holding fast to the expectation that all available copies are sold out now for the indicted price. Hallelujah! Thank you Jo and everyone in this project. Love, Bob
At first I decided to wish for something small. I asked for a little extra money. The next thing I know, within a week, my ex-husband was giving me extra money! He gave me extra money the last 2 times I saw him. Then, a couple of days later I found 2 dollars in my purse that wasn't there before. I kept finding a dollar here and a dollar there after that. Then, my insurance company called me and offered me a discount on my insurance! Then, I won a promotion for $200.00. It works! Thank you Jo! Much love and appreciation
Christine, Salem, OR
Dear Jo -

Thank you so much for the Wish Project. I have made two rather large wishes thus far, and I feel both have been answered. The first was to give up my need to be "right," my rigid and defensive ego response to people and circumstances. That gave way like so much fog on a sunny morning - whoosh, it just vaporized. What a relief! The second was so big I didn't really see how it could be answered, but it has. I wished for awakening. My knowing tells me that this is an always expanding awareness, that there is no point of arrival, and at the same time I have seen such a shift that I feel I can say its beginning has arrived. The expansion in my self - the full disorientation from the lack of frame holding my mind, the twilight of dualism, the openness to the realization I have no idea what will happen next and there is no fear of that, only joyful anticipation, all of these are fully new and most welcome guests in my inner world.

My next wish, just made, is to bring all of this expanded inner space, miracles, gifts, and being of who I am in my entirety into full being in the world, bringing all of it to light and open service rather than hiding with these jewels only in my inner realm.

Thank you for this support and this tremendous gift that just keeps going! Love and blessings and great gratitude - Christine
Soumoy, La
I could fret....there's no fall retreat!! I look forward to anything else you might offer and understand you needed your rest.
My father Henry just passed last sat. I go thru moments of regrets, I couldn't help him. Then remorse, saddness, and times I go to work fine. Then burst into tears. Thru all these upsets, inside there is a calmness. For that I am grateful because I have not found that in a long time. I don't know how long it will stay with me, it feel so good and comforting, i never want it to leave. Thank you for your work. Had I not done work on myself, I would not been able to handle myself as graceful as I did.
With love always
Sharon k, Sammamish WA
I called my Son Nick and we made our wishes together at the same time, him from his home and me from mine. I wished for unexpected money. We are cleaning out the junk room to make room for an exchange student and Chandler say's "hey did you know there was a $100 bill in this pink jar?" I had hidden it there and forgotten about it! so I get all excited and go to call Nick to see if his wish came through and I turn on my phone and somehow the page for the wish project was right there on my phone! I've used my phone many times since I made that wish a few days ago! that's crazy! Love you Jo, Thank you!
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