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The Wish Project Blog

Listen to the recording on the Wish Project page to make your wish.

Click here to add your comment for the blog.

The journal below is a place where you can share and celebrate your wish. You can celebrate your wish when it comes true or when it is just starting in your life. You can also celebrate any of the wonderful little coincidences and surprises that happen in your life along the way to your wish coming true. When your wish comes true, you are welcome to begin again and make another wish. One wish at a time you can change your life! You can make a small wish that might happen very quickly or a bigger wish. Come here to this blog often and enjoy the celebration of wishes.

Please know that entries with advertising, links, email addresses, questions, personal requests or requests for contact, etc. are not eligible for posting.   


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Natascha, Amsterdam, Netherlands
Geez, Jo! How awesome! I just received an hour long boost and it made me remember all the great music I loved growing up! !I'm dancing as I write this, makes typing a challenge :) ) THANK YOU!!!
gisele fahrbach, lucca/ tuscany/ Italy
woweee.... I made a wish yesterday at 10 am.. and visualized myself playing/singing in a 4 or 5* hotel .. on a beautiful black grand piano... and at 12 :30 pm I called a hotel (after calling a while bunch) and the hotel director.. a nice lady.. was all enthusiastic... and asked me if I could already come play that same evening... ans so I did... and will have many more gigs there..YAHOOOOO.. I already made my wish #2... yeah!! does it get any better.. I LOOOVE YOU JO!!!
Christiane, France
Thank you Soooooooooo Much dear Jo, for the Wish Project and for the energy you are gifting us for two days. I can feel it and I do appreciate.
My second whish came true even better than expected. So I take the special opportunity of today's special energy to reinforce the third wish I just made.

Many many blessings to you dear Jo.
pinky, Haren, Groningen, Netherlands
Jo I Love you

Thank you so very much.
Imy wish is HAPPINESS I became quite emotional when I did mu wish
Thank you again
Monica Johnsen, STAVANGER
I made a wish here earlier this spring to become stronger in my self. To feel my passion, force and beauty. The cloud has dispersed and i now make my second wish.
Thank you for creating this project and thank you for sending your divine energi to this <3
Anna-Leena, Finland
I wish the Love of my life<3
Marie F,
I made my wish in March and I gradually felt things shifting and my wish came true on our wedding's day anniversary at the end of April . And today I made another wish for health and know that my prayers are being answered. Thank you so much. I have been receiving the one hour uplifting energy today. I feel energised and am also so grateful to contribute to bring light to my area.
shamaila, Canada
I wished to find some one who can just love me unconditionally and I am witnessing it happening. It is overwhelming me , I am so grateful.
karen, Stockton, ca
I wished for a job. I really need a this ;-)
Mrs C, England uk
Just made my 1st wish <3 :)
Tracie Louise , Kingaroy Queensland Australia
After just one day, I found a method (energy medicine) which took away my headache within minutes... I have NEVER had that kind of relief before... it was a miracle.

I know that we are only supposed to have one wish at a time, but as I was listening to the recording, I started with the wish to be a financially successful photographer, and decided part way through that I really needed to take care of my health first... and then I sold a print, and got hired to do a national calendar, all within 24 hours of making my wish.
sadie, north carolina
I wish to cruise the caribbean ocean with my husband and children!
Joan, London, Ontario, Canada
I made a big wish (to have access to all the resources I need to become strong, vibrant, healthy and happy). I have begun yoga classes which are making a big difference to how I feel. I've also started learning Qigong which could have a powerful impact on my wellbeing too. It seems that different resources are coming into my awareness in a gradual way. This is great so that I am not overwhelmed with choices and activiites. Thank you Jo for your inspiration!
Becky, San Jose, Costa Rica
I wish to finally find a person who is willing and available to start a wonderful and fulfilling monogamous relationship with me. Someone with whom I am madly in love and someone who does not fear committing to have a healthy loving relationship with me.
KC, Canada
I want SO thank you Jo for this project! I full-heartedly took a chance, not knowing you or anything about you. I am starting to see my first wish that I wished a couple months ago is coming to light.... will post more as it happens! I feel so hopeful and just cant doubt that things will come as I wished them! It feels so good to fully believe in wishes and that WISHES CAN COME TRUE!! :))

Warm blessings on their way! xoxo

LM, Tennessee
I wish to embody the fullness of who I am. To know and live my purpose with complete clarity and without fear or doubt. To be of service and to hold that space so completely that everything/anything I need and or want in each moment is fulfilled, without worry or doubt. To be that healer/teacher I was meant to be. JOY and financial peace, abundance and love, is mine. May ALL be blessed!
Danièle, Europe
I wish for the works in my new home to go well and my 'moving out of here and into there' this weekend to be a day of joy and fulfillment since it means a lot to me. And I wish that dealing with the rental agency of the current place to go for the best of all parties concerned, including me, so that I am able to recuperate the deposit without further charges and use it to refurbish the garden in the new place . I want to be confident and clear in my communication especially when a situation comes along where I feel insecure. My warm and heartfelt thanks for the many insights I already received about my believes and patterns during this project.
Fatima, Portugal
This project is awesome! My heart is full of gratitude. I wished I had enough money to participate in the Marriage of the Pineal and Pituitary. Now I' ready to take the next step. Thank you Jo!
Galadrialle, Oak Harbor WA USA
won $8.00
Mary, Goleta, CA, USA
Dear Jo; Thank you thank you thank you!!!! the first day you started the Wish Project I submitted my wish and it came true last night!!! Woohoo my daughter and her children has found their apartment and will be moving out this weekend!!! I am so thankfull to you for having this wonderful site to make wishes as they do come true. Thank you for your daily prayers that our wishes come true, and it did!!! Bless you <3
susan, berwyn, pa
I am so grateful! My wish for more balance in my life has come true! It just happened and then I thought back to when I came on this site and made my wish and now I believe that wishes can come true.
Judi Lansky, Chicago, IL
My wish is to get off the psychotropic medication I've been taking for 15 years. I was reassigned to a psychopharmacologist who agrees w/ my goal. I've eliminated the first of 5 daily pills. I'm more depressed than I expected, but I'm willing to hang in for a while and call the dr. for help if needed. I appreciate knowing Jo's energy is supporting me in the process.
Maricel, San Jose, CA
I have been praying for stability and belonging since I was 17, and at times, when I felt that I can almost reach it, it slips away between my fingers. This time, I am praying really hard to have the security, belonging and the status that I think I deserve. Whatever powers there be, whatever it takes, I think I should be given a shot at my quest.
Tracie Louise , Kingaroy Queensland Australia
My wish is for the first time in my life to have a healthy and energetic body. To live my days free of pain, and to have the energy necessary to do all that I not only have to do, but enough left over to be able to do what I long to do.
gary stuart, studio city, CA 91604
My wish is that ALL people of Earth take the Fukushima reactor #4's meltdown serious and pray for a good outcome and it's radioactivity Contained ASAP. 3 Billion lives and the Oceans of the world are at stake. We have a beautiful planet that cannot dilute these plutonium toxins. ALL life on Earth is at tremendous peril.
Jo, I made wish less than 2 weeks ago that your divine healing energy assist my back be completely healed (or whatever energy decides is best) so I can be of greater service in universe.. I chose this wish with intention because I am called to be of service to the universe-- to do so, I need to get out of my apartment to help those I can with my love and gifts. (Also on Prayer list for my eye that has massive infection, and other health challenges, all are going very well- these do not hamper my being of service, in my opinion, so I did not wish for them to be healed. also you said the energy is very wise and knows what needs to be healed first, so I tried to make the wish about improving my health so I can get out of here and be of service.) Near immediate improvement! after decades of pain, walking very limited w/ walker, I am again taller, back is straighter, miraculous already! This is huge for a first wish :) Thank you, with great love and gratitude..
Gina, Abita Springs, LA
My wish is to bring more money into my life to be able to afford my needs and dreams. God knows what is my next step after that!
Janet, Albuquerque, NM
I wish to be a best selling author and be doing speaking and integrative techniques, really giving the people what they are needing and doing healing from my hands, using my techniques on a large scale that I have brought by divine into creation. I want to be divinely blessed with all I am to be, do, have, experience and enjoy! Blessings!
Dee, Dominican Republic
About a month ago I wished for resolution to a big money issue and today the money I was waiting for arrived!! Yay!
Thank you!!
Erika L Soul, Dandenong Ranges , Australia
My wish is to be divinely guided in my healing practice and for my work to prosper expand and grow. I wish to have a flourishing prosperous healing practice now...I wish to release any negativity about cash flow limitations, I want to open my consciousness to a quantum leap of prosperity and I wish to have large amounts of cash flooding my bank account and to always have plenty of money to spend to share and to spare. I wish to dwell in prosperity consciousness and to have a continual flow of cash in abundant amounts. I wish for inner peace and financial security and financial wellbeing. I wish to be freed from poverty mentalities and beliefs and to have financial freedom. I wish to watch with joy and gratitude as my work and business continually grows and prospers far beyond my expectations. I bless my work and clients and my business with love .... I wish to have total faith and trust in God ...
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