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Jo Dunning Home Page

Jo Dunning Home Page

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Jo Dunning Home Page
Jo Dunning Home Page

The Wish Project Blog

Listen to the recording on the Wish Project page to make your wish.

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The journal below is a place where you can share and celebrate your wish. You can celebrate your wish when it comes true or when it is just starting in your life. You can also celebrate any of the wonderful little coincidences and surprises that happen in your life along the way to your wish coming true. When your wish comes true, you are welcome to begin again and make another wish. One wish at a time you can change your life! You can make a small wish that might happen very quickly or a bigger wish. Come here to this blog often and enjoy the celebration of wishes.

Please know that entries with advertising, links, email addresses, questions, personal requests or requests for contact, etc. are not eligible for posting.   


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Bonnie Kelley, La Quinta, CA
I just made my wish today and I can see it happening with joy, ease and grace. Love, Bonnie
Pamela, Waikoloa, Hawai'i
Each day that I come back to enhance the wish I have the events become stronger and stronger and I am able to feel and see my wish gaining momentum. I KNOW the power that Jo is giving our wishes will enhance them. I KNOW my wish is coming true! I can feel it so very strongly.

Thank you Jo Dunning for your powerful LOVE and assistance for all of our dreams to come true. Surely you are eternally blessed for your work.
yafa, Israel
i allow myself to heal from generations of suffering
My first wish came through!! Since then, a period of 'numbness' physical and mental has followed, because the realization of the wish somehow brought to my awareness the deeply rooted negative beliefs - and the isolation and rigid reality I have created in and around myself. Now I feel much better again, and ready to plan my second wish. Thank so much for this powerful energy.
Teresa, Stratford, Ontario Canada
My first wish for the love of my life came true. He came into my life two days after I made my wish. Things are going so well and we are very much in love. I made my second wish this morning. I had entered a weight loss competition a few months ago. I've made progress and hope my results are good enough to win the big prize. Please send me the energy to win. All of life comes to me with ease, joy and glory. Thank you, thank you, thank you!
Miss.rouxdie, USA
Dear Jo, many thanks to you and the Wish Project for your generous light and energy. My third wish was granted (a surgery and recovery without complications) and I am now on to my fourth wish!
Love and light,
Miss. Rouxdie
Susie, Winchester Ca
Hi Jo
Will I was just laid off from my Job.Funny thing happen
I did not get upset. I walk out of the office with a big smile on my face. I knew in my heart some thing better is comming my way.Thank you for all you share on self worth summit. I listen to the replay 4 times. Onece a week I listen to the 5 steps to enlightemnment. Thank you Jo bless you
Galadrialle, Oak Harbor WA USA
OK So I won $3.00 the other day. TODAY I won $5.00 first then $10.00 then $15.00 more.Gratitude
Phyllis, Ecuador
When a friend suggested I check out ''the wish project with Jo Dunning'', I thought.... well OK, can't hurt. I have been trying to sell my property for some time. As of today the property still has not been sold. However, in the meantime I have had the opportunity to listen to some of the most inspirational talks from the Wellness Revolution - especially those of Jo Dunning...... awesome, relevant and inspiring. Such a wonderful woman to share her knowledge, wisdom, and insight. Thank you Jo
Mara, Stockholm , Sweden
I would like to share my wish with you. When our mother died last year , my two sisters and I inherited our childhood home, the house where we were born and grew up. It's a beautiful old , very old , Victorian terrace house with many original features and has been on the market now for over a year.
At present we have a potential buyer but as he has done his research many structural faults have appeared; roof needs repairing , plumbing and electrics all need doing.
The house which once held us all , filled with love is now becoming a burden and source of stress for us all.

My wish is to be free from all this worry and stress and for the house to be sold so that each of us get our inheritance .This , or better , for all concerned is my wish . I wish to be free from worry and stress with money in the bank from the sale of the house.

Thank you thank you thank you JO, from the depths of my heart. I am willing to receive with Love love love .
Selene, Vancouver Canada
I wish for my business to be a success. My business represents my lifepath and what I have always wanted to do. I wish for the courage and strength to finish the race this time. Thank you Jo for this opportunity for support and expression.
Cyndi, Austin, TX
Thank you Jo for all you do! I listened to your recording 3 times this weekend. I discovered the wish project. I have kittens that need to be rehomed. At 9:30 this evening a lady called, she wanted a kitten. She a young Mom and lives 5 minutes from me! We met and I feel Suki will have a loving home with another kitty to play with. Thank you! Rehoming project is now backed by Jo's energy from Source and I feel BLESSED to be a part of this energy. Much Love and gratitude.
E. Faaborg, Denmark
I jumped right in and made a BIG wish: For months - well years actually - I haven't been feeling well. All sorts of health-problems seemed to have ganged up on me and were showing up in the oddest places...! I also felt depressed and down and worthless and and and...
I made my wish in March - I think, or April? - to feel healthy and happy again like I used to. Knowing it was a BIG wish, and that I probably wouldn't get around to my other wishes while working on this one.
Now, 3 months later, I already feel much better. It occured to me this week: I actually do feel healthy and happy, much like I used to years ago. The health-problems "solved themselves", got the all-clear from the doctor, and the rest is energy-work for me, wich is always fun and interesting! (NOTE TO SELF: Don't create problems just to get the opportunity to work on them energetically! Have fun working with the energy just because of that: Because it's fun and good for you!)
Thank you, Jo, for this wonderful opportunity.
I will now move on to some of my minor wishes... Let's see... Career? Money? World power?? ;o)
kucki, Vancouver , Canada
Dear Jo, Thank you for your unlimited love and generosity. Listening to you is always an amazing and transformational experience. My first wish came true and I just made my second one. Thank you for offering the Wish Program for anyone to enjoy, what a wonderful gift.
Yvonne, Dickson, TN
Beloved Jo,

Thank you for the opportunity to make a wish on 6/16 (today). I am so grateful for all the wonderful work you do everyday on the behalf of humanities greater good. I am sending you a heartfelt hug filled with love.

With gratitude I am looking forward to my wish coming true and getting the opportunity to make another wish, how can it get any better than this?
Yafa, Israel
Dear Jo. I’m using Jody’s words to express the awe and Thanks for your “amazing, gracious generosity, purity and spacious magnificence”, for your flowing Light today at the replay of the Summit.
I realize that my first wish had been answered earlier today – of retrieving my vibrancy, aliveness, quickening after more than a year long period of apathy. Realizing this gives me hope that it’s not a passing mood.
I have so many wishes – foremost, opening my heart. Then – the agreement & decision to quit smoking. These are huge in my life. Thank you for helping me overcome them.
Bless you Angel and Master for who you Are.
Andrea, Seattle, WA
ThAnK YoU!! Immediately, I have already experienced such ease and grace. I've had insights and even new thoughts replacing old, repetitive thoughts! I feel more embodied. Food tastes amazing. True prosperity is who I am. What's next? What's now? I'll keep on postin' here. With love and gratitude.
AJ P, Norwich, England
I have been in severe debilitating pain for almost three years, no-one knows why and Drs have stopped investigating. I am financially secure but cannot buy my health! Today I have made my wish to become pain and light to you Jo xxx
David Sneed, Portland, OR
Dear Jo,

Thank you for all the blessings your work has brought into my life! I signed onto The Wish Project a couple of weeks ago with a request for help to learn, and indeed master, the art of singing. I have studied voice for many years, but never seemed to make very much progress. Shortly after adding my name to the list, through a lovely synchronicity, I came across some vocal instructions that have greatly improved my relationship to breathing for singing - the very foundation of learning to sing! And although there is still much to learn (I feel I am still at the beginning of my studies, in fact), I feel that signing my name onto the Wish Project has brought, and will continue to bring, wonderful support and grace to this long-time journey of studying voice. Thank you! With love and gratitude, Dave Sneed, Portland, Oregon
Naseema , Cape Town
Dear JO, i just made my 1st wish and i'm so grateful to have been given the opportunity to do makes me feel so special and infinite thank you's for adding your support to my wish!!!

Thanks a GOD zillion for offering this beautiful opportunity to all of us...!!!

Take care & God bless!

Unlimited blessings,
Ângela Fernandes, Portugal
Hello everyone!

I’d like to share with you the wish I made through Jo’s site, more specifically her web page “The wish project”.

During the past month of March I heard about Jo Dunning and her work for the very first time and got very interested in participating in the workshop that took place between the 4th and 5th May of the current year.However, as I was working at that time and couldn’t take vacations, added to the fact that I can’t speak English, going to USA would be almost unthinkable to me.

Then I decided to make a wish and I’d like to tell you that I went to the workshop with a friend and that I loved Jo , her work team and learning the Quick Pulse Technique.


Ângela, from Portugal
eva, London UK
I have just made my wish and want to thank you for the opportunity of participating in this community.
blessings. Eva
Phillip C, Fort McMurray, Alberta, Canada
Hi Jo, thanks for your amazing help! I had asked to have my hips balanced without going to the chiropractor so I could have a smooth balanced walk again like I did when I was younger. And I do ..... now!! Surprisingly, it only took a few days to gently and subtly occur. What a resource this is. Thank you!
Jody, USA
JO-I'm using this Wishing space to share my deep appreciation and Thank YOU for your amazing, gracious generosity, and purity and spacious magnificence offered this evening as your energy facilitation (so profound truly no clue how to reference what you offered us! for the Summit.

My experience was vast and deep. And on a most cool and affirming note to self, at exactly the time (of course), that my being needed the closure of each of the final three processes-I had experiences with images and energy expressions and color and shape and that each time, in some way, turned out to be specifically linked to the actual words and focus you then guided for what was the following process.
(and of course I had no cognitive knowing of that beforehand)

As we finished I also suddenly and immediately 'knew' a different and very clear and strong wish-(ah and as I just wrote this I suddenly recall one of the processes was about boosting up the clarity of our inner guidance-at the sudden wish moment I had not one inch of recall that this had been a process. better sign of something so deeply intwined that it bypasses any thought of it!

So made my new wish while still within the palpable resonances and amazing graces of what I got to be a part of for those almost 90 minutes and no doubt that will continue far beyond...
Blessings and so many thanks Jo!!
R.A.L. West, Taos, NM USA
Dear Jo,
I'd received email about this project months ago, and seemed to have forgotten about it. I participated in your wonderful energy broadcast this evening and am so blessedly nourished! And chose to come to your website for the first time in many months....and rediscovered the Wish Project.....and then recalled I'd awakened yesterday with the song 'When You Wish Upon A Star' playing in my mind....even sent out several messages to friends to remember to, sublime timing again! Eternal thanks for your contributions! How does it get even better than this?!? XXXOOOO
Rosa, ventura, ca
Thank you Jo for gifting us with the opportunity to have our wishes become a reality. Blessings a thousand fold to you for your kindness and support. :-) Big Hug!
Magic Mary Austin, San Antonio TX
Zowie Wowie, Jo. Thank you for all you shared on the Self Worth Summit tonight. I had been missing your World Puja talks so your talk tonight was an answer to one of my wishes!!
KC, Canada
I made my first wish some time ago and it was a big one. It is starting to come true. It may take all year to come true as it is big (a financial request) so I may not get to my other wishes. I want to express my grateful thanks for allowing me to send a prayer wish, having never truly wished before, and helping this wish come true! Warm gratitude!! xoxxo
Pamela, Waikoloa, Hawai'i
My very first wish came true last Friday! I am excited that it has occurred! I have already made my second wish. It is a much bigger one, but I am feeling secure that it will be answered too!

Mahalo nui loa (Hawaiian for Thank you very much) Jo for this internet page and your loving commitment to see us all happy!
Rachel, Chapel Hill
The wish project is a wonderful gift. I started with a small wish and it came true within a week! Many thanks!
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