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Jo Dunning Home Page

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Jo Dunning Home Page
Jo Dunning Home Page

The Wish Project Blog

Listen to the recording on the Wish Project page to make your wish.

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The journal below is a place where you can share and celebrate your wish. You can celebrate your wish when it comes true or when it is just starting in your life. You can also celebrate any of the wonderful little coincidences and surprises that happen in your life along the way to your wish coming true. When your wish comes true, you are welcome to begin again and make another wish. One wish at a time you can change your life! You can make a small wish that might happen very quickly or a bigger wish. Come here to this blog often and enjoy the celebration of wishes.

Please know that entries with advertising, links, email addresses, questions, personal requests or requests for contact, etc. are not eligible for posting.   


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elizabeth, los angeles, ca
i pray for my God - chosen life companion to be in my life as soon as possible - he and i will marry and together, we will love and be at one with our Father
Fanny, Mexico City
I am happy and convinced the wish I placed today is mine already. Will keep you posted.
Osang Sanchez, Barcelona
Thank you, Jo for this wish project and all your assistance that you are giving to humanity.

Today, as I listened to the recording, I felt tingling in my crown and I felt the joy of having my wish come true!

Love and Light to everyone!

Megan, Pennsylvania
I wish to be free from anxiety. May it be so!
Firebird Farm, Headwaters of Enoree River, Southeastern U.S.
A second confirmation of my wish occurred last week; once again, I appreciate deeply the opportunity to open my perception to how I hold this energy pattern and how I can recraft my relationship with it, so that I can transform and release it without harm. Thank you!
Debbie, Mexico city
I wish for Fatima from Cape Town to contact me to tell me I can start working on her website. This business will pay my rent for the next 2 months.
Terrie, Sacramento
I wish for my sister Kellie to get the internship for studying the behaviors and emotions of Dolphins. She is very intuitive to animals and has such a loving heart. (besides being brilliant) This is why she is here on earth and I know she would shine in this arena. God Speed Kellie!!!
Sukhreet, new Delhi
Just made a wish. And i dream big. Things have been changing around me anyways since I started listening to Jo's radio shows in the archives. So i thought why not take a step further. will keep everyone posted of the changes. JUST WANTED TO SEND OUT VIBRATIONS OF GRATITUDE TO JO AND ONE AND ALL AND BLESSINGS AND LOVE FOR EVERYBODYS WISH TO COME TRUE. JUST WANTED TO START OFF WITH MY WISH MANIFESTING WITH GOODNESS AND HAPPINESS FOR ALL. LOVE U. MANY MANY BLESSINGS AND LOVE AND ABUNDANCE AND JOY AND HAPPINESS AND PEACE BE WITH YOU ALWAYS.
Janice, Sacramento, CA
I have received an additional $881 from my 401k that I emptied last year, so this was a complete surprise. I have also received (for my husband) a check for over $6300 (and this amount was after $1100 deductible was taken out) for an insurance claim on some stolen art work that he had and a bit of it for some that I had. They thought we were lying and the whole claim was done through their investigator. They even appreciated the amounts that I sent them! It was a total surprise that we got anything and only through divine intervention! Thank you so much Jo for this wish list. I do so appreciate it.
amandria, Cooper city, Fla
Just put in a wish I will follow up if and when it comes true!!!
Erin, Langley,WA
My Wish is for my dear cat, Angel, to return safe and sound to me - and soon! Thank you and blessings.
hey folks! I have to say just after my 1st time ever using the wish project i experienced results immediately the fallowing week at work.

I work sales for a home improvement company & wasn't doin to well prior to my wish.

After making my wish i put up some numbers now i'll be bringin in a $1200 check this week.

When we make these wishes we have to believe there gonna happen.

The more we believe the better the results.

Thanx Jo Jo!!
MARCIA, South africa
I wished for the healing of my Rheumatoid arthritis and can say that I am starting to feel better and am greatly encouraged that this will continue until I am fully healed.
tat, BC, Canada
I wish for my husband's business deal to go through so that we can buy the lovely home we want.
Also wish to be able to succesfully concieve as I've had several miscarriages, and carry a pregnancy to the end, finally deliver a healthy baby.
Finally, I wish for everyone here to manifest their wish as quickly as possible.

Many blessings to you Jo and thank you for what you are doing.
Shelley, Grand Forks,British Columbia, Canada
Yes!! Wishes Coming True Hand Over Fist and I and Mine Are Blessed To Be Blessings!! YAY!!! Gracious Gratitude to The Benevolent Multiverse....
Joan, Italy
Hello Jo,

Thank you for all your beautiful energy and assistance. I made a wish when you started the wish project and today it came true. What a blessing you are to all of us. Thank you for all.


Betty, Tempe, AZ USA
My wish is to have my neck and back straight and to have perfect posture the way I used to. I can see myself standing stright and tall with my head held in a natural manner. I will come back and tell you when this wish comes true. Bless you for being here to help us through our journey.
Tiffany, Ojai, CA
Dear Jo, I wished for the burden of finances to be removed from my mind as my family and I focused on my husband's healing from stage 4 cancer. Soon after, our friends threw us a fundraiser that raised over $16,000 for our family. We've been able to spend the summer relaxing as a family and my husband is doing very well. I've come back to wish for the income I need to continue supporting our family during my husband's treatment. Thank you!
maricel, San Jose, Ca
I wish that I have more power, control, responsibility and freedom in my life. Let me feel as equal as everyone else. Have my basic human needs answered: a shelter where I can feel safe, a privilege to have adequate education as much as everyone else, to not freak about where my next meal is coming from, enough confidence to be in a real relationship, have better relationships, have better job opportunities, have extra money to explore new experiences.
Jeanneke, Leersum, The Netherlands
Hi Jo, I asked for a soulmate and a few weeks ago a young, tall guy started a conversation with me in the pool. After a few minutes he jumped in the pool with me. It was 10.30 hrs in the morning. We didnt stop talking until 20.00 hrs in the evening when I had to send him home, just to get back to myself again.

We kept in touch ever since and have been seeing each other several times. He has all the qualities I asked for in a soulmate. I forgot to mention an age. Now he is 37 and I am 62!!! :-) Of course we see intellectually that it is a bit inconvenient on a practical level. But with our hearts we are just enjoying each others company and friendship and happy to be together. Thank you Jo and of course the Universe!!!
Rosanne, NYC,NY United States
I wish for a cure I believe in miracles
tricia lynch, derry nh
Life has had many wonderful experinces and many blessins NO PROBLEM WITH RAGWEED!!!!!!!!!!Life has been peaceful business very good Needed a new tv a customer gave me 3 35 inch which I gave one to my boy friend and one to my mother everyone is happy thank you and many blessing Tricia
Christine, Salem, OR
Hi Jo!
I'm happy to be back here reporting on the Wish Project Blog again. :) My last wish was for the way to open to bring my expanded awareness and gifts into the world. One direct answer to that is that, with so little effort it seemed the thing had happened before I even tried, I have been accepted as a Quick Pulse Practitioner into a lively and thriving practice of healers (chiropractic, acupuncture, various energy medicine modalities, massage, etc.) here in town. I heard the nudge, took the next step, and the opportunity fell into my lap like a piece of soft fluff from a cottonwood tree floating down to me on the breeze. Amazing. Thank you, and I look forward to my next wish! Many blessings - Christine
Elaine, Ottawa, ON Canada
Jo I just made my first wish for increased financial freedom and I look forward to sharing my results soon. I am so grateful for your kind "gifts" of energy, love and the wonderful insights you share with everyone to help us all out. You are such a generous, kind, compassionate person and I am soooo thankful for you being in my life. Bless you!!!
Susan, Wisconsin, USA
I was able to take part in the wish project when Jo did it with another process in spring 2011. I am still waiting a year and a half later to visit a place in France that is very hard, almost impossible for people to get in to visit. I am going there in a month so perhaps it will happen then.
Am enjoying the chakra reprogramming very much!!!
Dianne, San Jose CA
I wished for a partner that was right for me. Thank you Jo-
Stephanie, San Francisco
I wish for my new home to magically appear with ease and speed and the resources to make the move effortless. I am unlocking the front door to my new home now. And God knows where I would prefer for this new to be. Thank you.
Susie, Winchester Ca
Hi Jo
I have a Job interview on Sat 08/18/2012

blessing to all of you
Dean Fox, Cincinnati, OH
I wished for enough of a windfall of money to buy me a brand new car, for all of the finances necessary to keep the vehicle insured, maintained regularly, gasoline budget, and a place to keep it safe and free from weathering or harm of any sort, and enough money left over to pay my credit card in full :-) Infinite Love, Praise and Gratitude!!!
Heather, Logan, UT
I have no debt. My bills are paid off and each month I have money left over after paying the necessities. No more worry, stress, or fear of not being able to make ends meet because of my payments to creditors! I make more than I spend and it feels so wonderful and freeing!!!
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