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Jo Dunning Home Page

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Jo Dunning Home Page
Jo Dunning Home Page

The Wish Project Blog

Listen to the recording on the Wish Project page to make your wish.

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The journal below is a place where you can share and celebrate your wish. You can celebrate your wish when it comes true or when it is just starting in your life. You can also celebrate any of the wonderful little coincidences and surprises that happen in your life along the way to your wish coming true. When your wish comes true, you are welcome to begin again and make another wish. One wish at a time you can change your life! You can make a small wish that might happen very quickly or a bigger wish. Come here to this blog often and enjoy the celebration of wishes.

Please know that entries with advertising, links, email addresses, questions, personal requests or requests for contact, etc. are not eligible for posting.   


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Janet, saint james,mo
Thank you for my body to be healthy,happy,pain free, able to enjoy movement with ease , joy and abundance of energy....
Praise,gratitude and love...
Kathryn, New York
Thank you so much for this beautiful gift you have offered to everyone, Jo!!! I just made my first wish this morning. I then came on to the blog to read a bit and have been overwhelmed with a deep sense of gratitude for all of the blessings people are receiving as a result of this work. Such a beautiful thing!!! I am so happy to be participating. I am thanking the Divine, you, and everyone in this community in advance for the fulfillment of the wish I made today. I live in a state of total trust, deep gratitude, love and joy!! Thank you a thousand-fold!!!
Osang Sanchez, Spain
I wish for financial abundance. Last week, I already did a job with a salary of €500+ and will be working again this weekend! How does it get better than that? Philippines, here I come!

Thank you Jo for this wish project, for the additional recording, for the prayer list, for the energy work you will give us today! You are one of my greatest Spiritual Teacher!

Blessing and Light to all!

love you much

Ahmad Hosseini, BC, Canada
I wish:
Sound health
Peace of mind
A labor of love of my own wish
Freedom from fear and worry
A positive mental attitude
Material wishes of my own choice and quantity

I wish more wisdom to use my assets in a better way
Wade, Wesley Chapel, FL
I wished for healing and love in my relationship with my girlfriend. Recently, stress and fear about her life has overwhelmed her and consequently she asked for time apart. She and I have an incredible connection on all levels (physical, emotional, and spiritual) that cannot be better explained than divine. In fact the moment we realized we loved each other came with such perfect precision and harmony. The first few days apart were so difficult but amazingly I felt no anger towards her. I know in my heart that love was never lost and that sometimes divine relationships need healing and cultivation so that the two parties may grow separately and together. I continue to pray and meditate every day, and have complete support from everyone in our life including her family. It's been almost 2 weeks now, but the day after I joined the wish project, she sent me a message asking how I was and simply expressing her care for my happiness. I was pleasantly surprised by this message and not coincidentally the day after the wish project. I know more time will heal our loving relationship and I look forward to more miracles through this wonderful project.
God Bless You All,
Katherine, UK
I wished for even a little work which allowed me to use my real self; some came along though I haven't yet been paid, but it should lead to more work. As I have been in a deeply destructive job-ette since 2008 I wish for whatever it takes to help me exit with dignity and a decent reference into the real work I know I should be doing, which would include travelling to East Africa and elsewhere. My jobette was killing my soul and my courage but I am seeing the glimmering of a return of self-respect.
Teresa, Tulsa, OK, USA
I wished for stability & harmony in my life in the area of finances & my relationships with my husband, family & friends. I have always been the giving one & now, I am receiving constant offerings of money, assistance & expressions of love & support in so many unexpected & miraculous ways, I cannot even begin to recount all of them. Thank you, Jo, for your deep love for humanity & your dedication to serving others. Many blessings & much love to you.
M.t., Ontario Canada
My wish is for financial security, abundance, and freedom with all debt paid off by Christmas 2012 by receiving a large sum of money from an expected or unexpected source in the most joyful way possible! Thanks Jo!
soledad, avin tx
Prosperity and abundance....!!!! An GC
susie, Winchester
Thank you Thank you Jo
From the bottom of my heart.My eyes are tearing up now.I am so Grateful.I am doing the complete energy system reprogram.I was just going to do just the 3 energy center.Now I am going all the way. I want to rapidly transform my being God bless you. Hi Deb

Grateful Hear
Bob Gambee, Rye, NY
Regarding the subject of getting my home back, the attorney returned my email and we talked. He seemed doubtful. But I know there is a divine solution. I am pouring love and energy onto this every day.
Numa, Maybrook, New York
I wish for a big windfall.
I want to become a medical acupuncturist. I want a piece of property to run my business and call home. I want to repay ALL of my debts and secure my retirement. I want my sons to be college educated. I KNOW there is more than enough in the universe for me to be able ask for this big windfall to come my way. I walk in gratitude.
Annette, Monterey, CA 93940
I wished for financial help...just enough to pay the bills and be able to enjoy my family without having to worry so much about money......freedom from the worry over money...
vicky, arizona,usa
I am so grateful for the extra energy session on your website with the extra wish. My extra wish is to stop smoking. I have tried everything. I know with your help it will be like I never was a smoker in the 1st place and this awful habit will be gone forever. I am so happy to be free of the addiction.
God Bless you Jo
Geraldine, Ireland
I wish to actualise the resources so as I can
co-create now, a life and living that is in perfect alignment with the Grace and Truth that I know I truly Be.

I wish for a home that is rarified and refined and a pristine reflection of the artistry and beauty of my internal kingdom....colours of the highest vibration, natural materials, living trees and plants, celestial music of harmonic sound and frequency, crystaline spaces of light and healing...

I wish to do the retreat!

In light and infinite gratitude....
Claudia, São Paulo, Brazil
Thank you so much, dear Jo, I am so grateful! All the best, Claudia
Charlotte, UK
I wish that Michael, the client who is refusing to pay me for work I have done, arranges for me to be paid.
ben, los angeles, california
Thank you so much, Jo. Not only my third wish which is to register and reserve a spot for your next training comes true, many small and large wishes in general also keep coming true here and there for me. All your projects and gifts are what "unconditional love" is. I feel so lucky, so grateful and so secure to know it is always here for me and for us. Big thanks to you again and big thanks to your fabulous hardworking team. Best Always, ben
AshAli, Hemet, Ca
I wish to pay my rent on time for September 2012. I wish to have excellent ideas that allow me to be of wise service to others while doing exactly what I love to do which is share knowledge and teach arts. So it is done! Thank you Jo. This forum is much appreciated. XOXOAa
Katheryne, Canada
Wishing works!! I could feel a shift so quickly and yet, I wondered...I waited... to make sure the change was real. I am ever so grateful!!!
Janice Duncan, Sacramento, CA, United States
I have been finding a lot of change (as in dimes, quarters, pennies) lately. I am finding it on my stairs, the patio, pockets, and most recently the base of the driveway by street. Some of these are odd places for me to be finding money and the frequency is unlike any I have experienced before. Then this evening I found $10 as I was pulling clothes out of the dryer and then a $1 on the floor in the hall near the driveway. I also almost always check pockets before I wash the clothes due to change and other things damaging the pump. I know for sure that I checked the pockets of the shorts and at least one pair of jeans before I did this load. I know these are little gifts. The funny thing is that in my wish (not sure if from the process recording or the wish, I also visualized change before I caught myself and pictured cash, too. Thank you so much for the wishes that are bringing me these gifts! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!!!
Jody, USA
I started here today with plan to share a happy wish reflection. Then in editing must've hit the wrong button and got a dialogue box that said, as requested all my comments were removed from the data base-had an instant rush of oooh nooo...

and yet-in that flash of sadness was a tiny tickle of attractings of open space...

in the middle of those two...wishing the visible of how special those written essence moments and giving and receiving of energies and deep smiles.
and...much of my wishing themes as I mused, have been bout seeing forward. Under that would require clearing new spaces and touching direct expressions of desired life sufficiencies, moving into more of vibrancy and as I look back-about learning how to wish!

So now it's okay enough if those prior words of great moments resonate instead of vibrations beyond what any data base can track

my intended purpose to share in the wish blog today...a new project contract with a well liked client arrived + a discovery in the midst of long necessary sorting and clearing to prepare for possible sales, that the newly opened spaces held not just sadness but surprise~a deep shock of peace and satisfaction of how different.

...remembering a favorite quote...'if the wind don't blow you got to row' and my prayerful wish for inspiration that has now guided new ways to use my already, very enduringly engaged oars... definitely rooted in new ways of my power using them in different rivers...

Much of this has been in PERFECT alignment with your posting Jo of the 3 additional energy processes a few weeks ago and -that spontaineously guided addition you inserted prior to the first process about peaceful radiance in whatever life spaces-home, car...

guided every space including inner cellular spaces of core.

I listen pretty much daily and know it has opened fields of galloping freedoms of wishability-and gentle grazing...and whatever any wish focus-they each hold the very being of Wish- underneath blending of true afficianandos of trust and hope and focus, and life detail calligraphy evolving in increasingly gourmet capacities...all the juicy expressions To Be.
and thank you too Jo for the upcoming September 9 light alignments...I felt sparkling lights lightly bounding thru the words of your short recording and several huge white beams!

blessings to all
Bob Gambee, Rye
A fantastic radio interview about my new book with a follow-up quote I sent to the university. Another review in the local paper. We are moving along.
On the subject of getting my home back, I have apprpoached an attorney and offered a solution to everyone. It is moving now. I am so blessed and appreciative. Bob
Jack Post, Washington, N.J.
I have just visualized my wish and already know that thru prayer, belief, and your help, that my wish will be fufilled. Thank you.
Sherin, Canada
Thank You ...Thank you..Thank you .
To pay September 01 rent,.. find and move to a new home..a trip to Kalani for a month , car paid in full restored to mint condition..personalized licensed plates , to meet all financial obligations now..spending money large cash surplus..more than I ever imagined!!!FUN!!
To be living my wish highest good and greatest joy!!!
CELEBRATE!! With loved ones!!
Jeanio, Molokai, Hawaii
I wished for freedom from limiting thoughts and beliefs. I can see myself now with an expanded awareness of my own radiance, my joyful peace.
Lise, Canada
MY DREAM: Wishing to win the lottery - i.e. Cash for Life - so I can financially feel free to afford living in the beautiful country home where I was guided to and purchase a new car to be able to continue travelling to provide home care to a beautiful 82 y.o. woman/mother/grand-mother/great grandmother in her own country home as long as I am needed. AMEN. Thank you JO! I live on Dunning Rd ;))
shamaila, Canada
My wish for a better job has been fullfilled within days.
Now I am wishing to have happiness and love all around me.
Sylvia, South Africa
emily, cebu, philippines
My wish just came true and words are not enough to express my gratitude to you Jo. I feel so much better now. Thank you Jo! My love to you and to everyone here. May all your wishes come true..",)
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