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Jo Dunning Home Page

Jo Dunning Home Page

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Jo Dunning Home Page
Jo Dunning Home Page

The Wish Project Blog

Listen to the recording on the Wish Project page to make your wish.

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The journal below is a place where you can share and celebrate your wish. You can celebrate your wish when it comes true or when it is just starting in your life. You can also celebrate any of the wonderful little coincidences and surprises that happen in your life along the way to your wish coming true. When your wish comes true, you are welcome to begin again and make another wish. One wish at a time you can change your life! You can make a small wish that might happen very quickly or a bigger wish. Come here to this blog often and enjoy the celebration of wishes.

Please know that entries with advertising, links, email addresses, questions, personal requests or requests for contact, etc. are not eligible for posting.   


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I wish to find a significant other. He's single and good hearted. Love me exactly how I am and is my best friend. We enjoy each other company. Laugh often. Earns more than I do. We are most of the time with each other. Travel together. Live together and have a long lasting relationship. He is madly in love with me. We have the best sex ever.
Laura, netherlands
I wish for my buddy soulmate to come into my life and we'll recognize each other instantly!
Chanda Lee, United States
My wish is to have my Mom safely come back home with me, for her protection, healing, and strengthening, for God to send the perfect live-in aide to me, and all the means to fix everything up the way we would like it to be. I forgive Dad and I wish for him to have the ability to see what has truly happened. I believe that with God all things are possible and I believe in miracles. Thank you God. <3
Jod, USA
Thank you JO! :)
This morning I began my day with the 3 proccesses on your website...some days I begin with them several times in a row!! as residues of prior days or times pop up and want space to gently transform or dissove into that essence place that feels sooo 'right' and will carry me through the whole day.

Now as I sat with computer in midst of a busy coffee shop readying handouts I felt increasing irritants of the voices and topics abounding around me and instantly 'knew'...perfect time for the very short process on your site...I traveled there happily and closed my eyes in the midst of everyone elses living details and 3 screaming children (actually they had not contributed to any of the irritants that led me to listen...and I sat there smiling knowing both ahead (from earlier listening) and then anew in this deliberate receiving of good...I chose the PERFECT place and time to go to.

Now I'm ready to journey forward to the other terrestrial, planned things of my day and no doubt offer from a more clear space to my clients and also receive more of the autumn glory and good connections available now that I changed my channel!

Much gratitude to you Jo and the many expressions of your generosity and discerning kindness enfolded in your astounding gifts!

I look forward to what arrives thru the rest of today and I am already planning the way to share energies in several workshops that have arrived for me to co-create good stuff in my facilitation...aspects of ongoing WISHES FULLFILLMENTS!!
Blessings to all here
GiGi, Georgia
Another wish came true... I auditioned and got a role in a show after 3 years not performing... God bless you Jo... on to more wishes... All my GRATITUDE and LOVE...
susie, santa ana calif
Hi Jo
Miracle are happing.It is great to be a live.
Galadrialle Kraft, OAK HARBOR WA USA
WooooHooooo GRATITUDE for unexpected $$$$$!My lawyer sent me a check for a car accident claim in 2007. Also won a $300.00 reading and my Mom got an unexpected windfall that she is sharing with me my sister and all the grandkids.Thank you Jo and brite blessings
Terry, Los Angeles, Ca 90049
I wish for financial abundance as I let go and let God. Freedom from all debt is here -so I can finally semi-retire. I will continue my work with children with special needs, but also providing myself with self-care for optimum health.
paula , mo.
i see beginnings and i am truly blessed but realize i need to be more specific as to what i really want so will go back and start over. i sell avon and design and make crystal healing jewelry and also feng shui cures from crystal i do this to support animal rescue for when people need help with pets due to their circumstances or illnesses. i wish to finish my website and grow my customer base as well . with times being hard on folks in n.w. mo. and winter coming it will take more to cover all the requests...i am a self supporting rescue which means i have to work for my funding...i lost my hubby of 30 yrs. aug. 2011 and my income is about 20% of what it was i must bring it back up to keep doing the rescue....
Rose S., Chicago, IL
I wish for the universe to bring me my beloved and have a blessed life together, one day at a time.
Thank you Jo for this golden opportunity you have so generously given to us! Can't wait to see who shows up for me!! Love and Light to all.....
Ziporah, Massachusetts
The heart center initiation is wonderful! The third time I listened, beams of light began to peek out of my chest. Each time I listen since, the light grows brighter and bigger. This morning it is out about 8 feet! Thank you so much, Jo, and Deb too, for bringing this wondrous energy to my world!
My wishes are all about sharing my light--this wish came true this week with the publication of my 1st Kindle book! It took me almost 2 months to learn how to create this format--quite a struggle for me, and Jo's beautiful processes for moving through challenges and getting in touch with the love & wisdom I truly am have been so helpful. I've listened every day!
Carla, Portugal
I feel blessed... My wish come true... Thanks for being a angel on earth!!
Bob Gambee, Rye, NY
Thank you, Jo, for a powerful session last night. No wonder the lines went out for a bit.
I ask for extra enerjy on my home project: the right attorney to assist in its return, the right steps for me to take. I ask for the home back, not for the status but because it is my home that I lovingly designed and built. Thank you so much. I ask for prayers from everyone in this blog. Sincerely, Bob
Karen, Jackson
Wish No. 3: I now feel comfortable in my business venture. My next wish is that the opportunities greet me every morning in vision form, a heart knowing, or a strong impression just after I waken; and that I maintain diligence to act on these early manifestations of light and knowledge. Thank you, Jo!
Karen, Jackson
I have realized my second wish, which was to dwell in complete peace regarding my life and my new business venture, and take each step in my process with joy and trust.
Happily and gratefully yours, Jo,
vicky, arizona,usa
Thank you so much for the Wish Project...and for the recording to make another wish...maybe my 1st wish was just to making one for my soul mate to appear in my life....and become my wonderful husband was a second wish... I know he will appear really soon...
kim, United States
have been feeling subtly wonderful. it kinda sneaked up over some time. things are happening in wondrous ways. thanks, jo, for this and your special ways. you are so generous, genuine, and truly one of a kind.
rosa, ventura, ca
Jo thank you for acting as a loving, caring supportive mother to us all. I have great respect for you and the help you offer the world. I love hearing your voice.... it rings peace in my heart and gives hope to my soul. Thank you for Being part of my life (even if it is remotely). Deb, thank you for Being the driving force behind the delivery of Jo's messages to the world. Blessings to both of you!!!! :-)
Sandra Levine, Tucson, AZ
Amazing things have been happening since I took the workshop for the 3rd chakra. Old entrenched patterns have been dissolving. New inspirations arise. It's easier to 'lighten up' and be at ease with each moment. I feel my authentic self beginning to show up and express itself without striving. It is a wonder to me. My heart is full of deep gratitude for what you have given all of us, Jo. Know that I feel richly blessed and wish those blessings returned full circle.
Nancy Oden, Greensboro, NC
The 3rd energy center reprogramming has been truly amazing. I have done each one so far, and after the third one I signed up for the daily energy work, doing this for the first time. And so glad that I did! I really didn't know what to expect when I signed up but an inner nudge prompted me to do so. 2 days after that, my father passed away. It was fairly suddenly, although he had been in bad health after my mother passed in May of this year, and with the Alzheimer's he didn't remember she was gone, so experiencing that with him was very difficult.. After the Passage of Light that occurred on Sept 9, the very next morning he fell at the facility where he resided, and broke his hip. He went to the hospital and didn't wake up from the pain meds. 3 days later he passed in hospice. It was a difficult time for me. As the grief came, at the same time I also felt so supported by "something" that seem to move me through the anguish and sadness very swiftly. My experience with this was so profound, that I was almost not believing it. It seemed like a dream. The fact that I was capable of being in such a state of peace with my father leaving this world, when 4 months prior I had also lost my mother. My experience this entire month has been so remarkable that I am at a loss for words, really. Nothing I can say here could really describe it... And I am now reluctant to NOT to sign on for the daily energy work again with this next initiation! I feel myself changing despite my resistance of the past- the walls inside are melting, and another person is being born. Truly, truly this is amazing! I am just so grateful to Jo for this support that I know was coming from her energy, helping me understand to choose the thoughts that give me peace and understanding instead of dwelling on sadness and grief. And if any one of you reading this is considering the daily energy work, I say- go for it. I have never experienced such amazing energy support before in my life!
From my heart to yours -
Dianne, Los Angeles, CA, USA
I've been waiting to post this, but immediately after making my wish, the wheels started turning towards making this dream a reality. I am already now 3/4 of the way to my target (which requires classes, travel and a lot of funding) In December, culminating in facilitator's training in Australia, the wish will have completely come true! Not one dime has come out of my own pocket! When I first "made my wish", I'd considered a smaller goal first because I figured this one could take a couple of years. It will have been 4 months tops come December, faster than I could ever have imagined. Jo, how can I ever thank you?
Today I feel blessed. I would like to write better in English to be able to say in words my gratitude. I know you can feel it ...
Danna, Ojai, CA
Wow! I am experiencing an increase in sales in my fine art gallery that is not to be believed. I am so grateful. I am an artist myself, with a passion for art and supporting other artists. It has been a struggle, even though my gallery is top notch and in a perfect location. This past week has had many art lovers, collectors and sales!
Jo, thank you for your energy in helping me keep this wonderful gallery going!
Tina, PA
I wished for income and that wish has come true. I really appreciate all the energy recordings, and positive transformations that are taking place in my life. Thank you, Jo!
Anne, Hawaii
Jo, I am feeling so empowered physically, mentally, spiritually. I don't know if it's the Energy Center Program, your daily attunements, my own growth, or 2012, but something is working its magic. I love the 3rd Chakra restoration, and almost don't want to leave, but I know the 4th will be amazing. Thanks so much for your loving system and energy.
Jayne, London, Ontario
I am feeling a sense of peace and joy. Since the summer, I have felt a sense of relief. I was undergoing feelings of boredom and disappointment and lack of motivation, lack of spark since around April. Now I'm beginning to be more and more refreshed, hopeful and renewed. I am ready to begin a new year with my wonderful gr. 4 class. Every time I look at my significant other, I feel huge, deep love, much more than before. Best wishes to all and thank you Jo for your very beneficial healing energy.
Ben, los angeles
After more than a week's good work, I finally sent out the video I put together for the new job opportunity. I learned so much and improved so much from the effort I put in, I feel that I already succeeded. Other work and sources of income continue to arrive. I know the energy you are sending us not only supports me but also opens new doors for me. It is simply amazing, Jo. I am full of happiness, gratitude and appreciation. Can't wait to see you in two weeks.
Jaymini, Albuquerque
I had sustained some substantial and bad burns all over my legs from a laser hair removal process. My wish was to heal from them without any scarring. I am happy to say that the burns are almost all GONE and I know they will fade away with no scarring at all!YAY!!! Much gratitude!!
Pam Saunders, Spokane,WA
Yesterday I made a wish for financial freedom. At the grocery store today just won $16. in scratch tickets. YES to flow. Thanks Jo!
Bess, Kalamazoo, MI
I'm sorry to say that I'm not doing very well physically. I've been way over-doing with heavy labor, & eating chocolate, the fat in which is not good for me (MS, GBS). I'd been so well for so long that I'd forgotten the no-no! Now my left hand is noticeably weakened & I've had some chills & fever; I'm worried about recurrence of MS or GBS.
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