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Jo Dunning Home Page

The Wish Project Blog

Listen to the recording on the Wish Project page to make your wish.

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The journal below is a place where you can share and celebrate your wish. You can celebrate your wish when it comes true or when it is just starting in your life. You can also celebrate any of the wonderful little coincidences and surprises that happen in your life along the way to your wish coming true. When your wish comes true, you are welcome to begin again and make another wish. One wish at a time you can change your life! You can make a small wish that might happen very quickly or a bigger wish. Come here to this blog often and enjoy the celebration of wishes.

Please know that entries with advertising, links, email addresses, questions, personal requests or requests for contact, etc. are not eligible for posting.   


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Eleanor, Toronto, Canada
Hello Jo and fellow beings of light :) I want to thank Jo for her prayers and intention for my wish to come true. I wished to move on from a break up and let go of my obsessive need to hear from him and I wished to be able to completely let go. It took me awhile to notice that I didn't think about him all the time anymore and that more and more I was able to have peaceful thoughts and feelings about the situation. My neediness dissipated to the point of dissolving. I still miss him of course but the negative patterns and thoughts around have vanished! thank you so much
Jod, USA
I'm guided to update my blog from yesterday because...shortly after writing about my planned imagination participation in the crown initiation and ways of receiving sweetness I first had one of those no matter which choice made not a 'perfect' outcome moments...

YET THEN..while sipping tea and comforting myself I took myself to a shop that is very special to me and where I needed to pick up a remaining Christmas gift...And that is where a literal miracle was awaiting...

A friend, and the owner of the boutique, has a picture that she shared, in her i phone, taken during a very sad time as she visited a geographic area of a former disaster that has many lost lives.

She was too sad to even look at the series of images in her phone until several days later. And it was cold and dark during the time she took what she saw as a moon that was both full and had very unusual light behind it and rays emanating from it that truly looks different than any other kind of moon and moon light, followed by what she thought was another series of images of huge moon in a black sky...

It was several days later before she returned to her phone and found a very clear image, along with the moon and a black night sky, of a large Angel, powerfully clear, and leaving little space for human doubt that we are indeed watched over.

While mention of my Wish, in the midst of the truly sacred sense held in the privilege of experiencing the image, seems too 'worldy', at the same time...the ending of my Wish includes ..."believing and experiencing as grace happening..."

This morning, the universe then gave me a reminding tap on my crown during what had begun as a kind of struggle in replacing a fuse on a strand of white lights and repeated efforts to replug it in without success at getting to the socket behind furniture. Then a large flower pot and its dirt rolled off onto me (and my crown) and then all over the floor.

After about an hour of clearing dirt, going behind furniture and papers and dumping out soil, re-arranging what fell and then repotting the plant I realized how smoothly and easily I had done all of this. There was not really an distress or time wasted in upset at the truly big mess made. The beginning of my wish is about struggle vs. life and ease.

I am very grateful for the wish detailing showing up in living color in my substance world...WHEN the center of my Wish arrives in my now~WOW.

And I figure if an Angel (with hair of a reddish hue) can appear in substance enough form for human eyes to be able to take in, then my Wish must be able to too!
susie, Santa Ana
Hi Jo
My wish is to owned the complete Energy System Reprogram Thank you Jo
Grateful heart
Rita Junco, Sylvania, GA USA
We were trying to sell our old house, but Housing values had dropped in our area - so we were trying to do a deed in lieu - I just got a call today, that the deed in lieu was approved. And this is my birthday! What a wonderful birthday present. My wish was to get our old house settled and it was in the best possible way.
Jod, USA
I will be very present in imagination for the crown chakra initiation! Each time I have read the descriptions I have a sense of feeling the words infused with special energy and the essence of what the initiation will offer.

While there is a place in me that 'wishes' (not my active direct Wish- that I could directly participate because my resources matched up, (and that would be a tendril evidencing Wish fulfillment), there is another place that is also receiving the sweetness and is solid in knowing that the energy center I was most drawn to and needed to have supported was well served in November and those energies are still being balanced and synergized. And that is a sign of Wish fulfillment in action.

I plan to continue to read the descriptions and to receive the goodness and keep discovering the glimmers and gentle glistenings as the fullness of my Wish enters into being solidly here.

To a wonderful initiation of the Crown!
Evelina, UK
Dear Jo, thank you so much for your prayers, wonderful energy, all the support and guidance that we receive. I am back on the Wish Project this year and i am ready to 'dream big' this time (my first wish was health related and i'd been symptom-free since, thank you again). I feel that time has come for me to wish for everything i've been erroneously depriving myself from (was afraid to have and ask for) - thank you for helping me to re-define my Dream and for amplifying that surge. Much Love
Sherin, Canada
I loved reading others wishes! It inspires me!
My waish has not yet come true I have remade it again!
I would really like it to be made possible to manifest a winfALL TO EQUAL APPROX,$25,000.00 CNDN. CASH DOLLARS.

.I would be able to take a trip to Hawaii in my car off..purchase some new tires..much wardrobe needed items and still have cash in the bank!
I think I have had a fear..of once I had received $10,000.00 and spent it all in 6 months..I was broke..I made some mistakes..and feel if I can forgive that i can allow a larger cash flow and trust myself to extend it for a longer time..
Susan , Virginia
My wish for the perfect house in which to heal has come true after a long and difficult search. It feels like a miracle.
Thank you Jo for all of your love, wonderful energy and life changing workshops. You have helped me in so many ways.
I am very appreciative.
Hello beautiful Jo!
Thank you so much for the wish project. Several months ago I made a pretty big and fairly vague wish. I wished that I wouldn't have to worry about money anymore, that I wouldn't have to work and could stay home and take care of my 7 year old daughter.
A couple of weeks later I was offered a new job. I am making more money but also working more, so I didn't really think it was related to the wish, even though how it happened felt pretty magical. Through this job I met a man and we started dating. This was also magical because I have been single for 3 years and was certain I would NEVER date anyone again. But he was so perfect, and I fell immediately in love with him. And then, over the next few months I lost 45 pounds. The weight just fell off. I think the wonderful man healed me and all of my emotional weight just fell off. Still, as wonderful as all of this is, I didn't think it was related to my wish because I didn't wish for any of those things. Now however, Ivan and I are going to move in together. He has a nice house and my daughter would have her own room. He says I can quit my job or work less, and that whatever money I make is mine to keep. I am so very happy Jo! Thank you so much. Truely miraculous. These last few months have been staggeringly amazing. I have made my second wish now, and it is for the benefit of others. Cant wait to watch it come true. I love you Jo!
Shamini, KL Malaysia
Thanks so much Jo. My earlier wish is completed. Im very very grateful for all the work you do. Love you.
Sharon, Menlo Park, CA
I am so grateful the Wish Project is being continued into 2013! Thank you, Jo. I have wished for the resources/work completion readying my home for sale to the perfect buyer in divine timing w/grace & ease. This has felt like a huge wish, as much work and expense or energy is involved, and up until this moment, it has not been possible for me to do this single handedly. I have faith the Divine will provide the assistance needed, as already I was gifted with the removal of many trees which were damaging my home's roof and foundation, as well as the construction of a new fence, along one property line, by someone I had never met before, after just intending it be done. Am trusting a kitchen and bath remodel, new furnace, hot water heater & kitchen appliances, new flooring, new roof, and landscaping will magically manifest. I was most recently blessed financially with income from several unexpected sources that has eliminated concern for the next few months & am feeling so very blessed. I just have to remind myself to stay in trust and get out of my own way.
Judy ,
Hi Jo, I would like to extend my deep gratitude for helping my wish come true. I made the same wish twice, as it was not showing up after 6 months and presto, it happened! Perhaps the second time around, I put a little more energy into it too. It was my first wish on the wish project, and no little wish, so I am indeed grateful for your assistance. So now for my next big wish! I know in my heart that this one will also happen. Warm wishes and many more blessings to you and your team, Judy
Yvette, Puyallup Washington
Just wanted to say thank you for my wish of finding a new and loving relationship. We found each other! Thank you, now I am making another wish and know with all mt heart wishes do come true! Thank you Jo!
lois, CANADA
Thank you Jo. Releasing fear. Receiving Love and Faith. This is my beginning. Bless you.
preet, ohio
I made a wish to get a job, i just graduated and sit home all day and i might end up going crazy if I don't have anything to do. I cant even go anywhere cuz my family would not let me go so I just sit home and just pray and apply for jobs. Please help me to get a job so I can help my parents with billing. I just feel so lonely even though I know everything happen for a reason and is there to teach us a lesson but I just cant stand this anymore. I feel suffocated and sorry for bringing negativity here Im really in need of help. I feels like my soul is in jail and i know im the one who chose this life but my ego does not understand it and i suffer.
Diane, New York
Last year I made a wish to get a job. Right now I am working. It is a temporary position but I am praying it becomes more. So, Thank you Jo for helping me with this. I am very grateful. Today I made another wish. It is to restore trust between my son and I. I went through a divorce and my ex is very vengeful. He filled my son's head with many lies and non-truths. He is a master illusionist and has created something very bad. Now my son chooses not to have a home and is living with friends. He hates both me and my ex. I wish him to realize the truth, so trust can flow between us once more. I am very sad for him, for us. Thank you.
Gillian , United States
Jo - Thank you so much for extending this Wish Project into 2013. I am gaining more clarity into creating financial abundance. - I would like to regain my confidence in my ability to close prospects.Blockages of insecurity and self doubt; procrastination and self-condemnation. I feel that these energy blockages keep me from the financial success I seek. Now that I am an older woman who successfully recovered from a life threatening illness, I have picked up a false belief that I've lost my mojo in terms of being a powerful closer. With your help last year, I released major anxieties and now feel perfect optimal health is a given, but feel stuck in terms of finances. I feel for the time being if I can sell again - and have the confidence in my abilities to successfully prospect and close - I will be able to develop other revenue streams. Thank you.
Heather Taylor, QLD, Australia
Today, day 1, I have made my wish. It is something I wish for very much, and I am working towards. In my impatience, I want it sooner rather than later because the sooner I'm there, the sooner I can help other people get there as well. This is soooo exciting! Thank you so much Jo and everyone who helps you do this for us!
;Lorna, Lake Atitlan Guatemala
The moment I read about the Wish Project, a big dream I've had for over many years came to mind-to build temples/sacred healing spaces. Several miraculous syncronicities are pointing me in the right direction-maybe my dream isn't an unattainable mirage/ an idle dream after all, and I see that there are steps I can take today and tomorow.
I have thought that my wish is too big to manifest quickly, and what about some health concerns I have which if resolved would give me more energy drive vitality and courage to go after my big dreams such as building temples???-not sure whether or not to start a new wish for perfect vibrant health because my temple/sacred dream wish is in the process of becoming a reality, though there is still a long way to go. I don't want to put off dealing with a long term health issue any longer. Any insights on this??
maricel, California, USA
I've been praying for relief on a personal matter. I hope to find effective advocacy on a dilemma I've suffered for years. I pray for my peace of mind and restoration of personal relationships I value.
maricel, California, USA
I've been praying for relief on a personal matter. I hope to find effective advocacy on a dilemma I've suffered for years. I pray for my peace of mind and restoration of personal relationships I value.
Inna, NM, USA
I wish to have a healthy weight of 165 pounds.
Thank you.
Arianna Zimmer, Pincher Creek, Alberta, Canada
What a fabulous year so far! Thank you to all those wanting and willing to make upgrades in their lives. May the wonderful energies of this beautifully Golden Age shower on all and allow us to see more clearly the magnificent Beings we are. Thank you to Jo Dunning and your fabulous team for supporting us all in our goals and lives. And thank you for being the wonderful Beings you truly are.
Imke, Austria
I realise that life brings me offers closer and closer to the wish I made. And it's only a week I joined.
I am very grateful for this. It illustrates the wish project works.
Dave, Vancouver BC Canada
Hey Jo, Thanks you so much ! I made a wish for abundance and financial security for me and my family. Well! it has been coming at us in all sorts of miraculous ways! Welcome everyone to the Golden Age!
Flora, NB Canada
I received a beautiful puppy for Christmas from my son (a surprise). I wish to return it to my son in Montreal (he adores this puppy) but don't know how to approach him with this. I feel that this is not the time for me to take care of this puppy. I am overly tired and my focus needs to be on healing myself....I also have some traveling projects that don't include him as a companion. Thank you soooo much for supporting me in this. Much love and blessings to all for this new amazing year 2013.
Kim, United States
My wish includes financial freedom and prosperity. I am enjoying the way it manifests in all the surprising ways, just at the right, exact time. Thank you, Jo, for your beautifully soft energy.
Amy, Boston
I made a wish for financial abundance.
Threre area my things I would love to create in the beautiful time. To be able to assist my family in less money stress. A few days ago a few hundred dollars just appeared. It was such a delight, now I am feeling the flow is just the beginning. Thank you to all that have been sharing with wishes and stories. It makes my heart sing with joy reading everyone recognizing we all truly have to power and tolls. Jo, you are the divine light we have all been searching for. Much love and gratitude to all
my life , nm
I just made a wish and i am a believer and i believe that God will grant me with what i wish for, which is to have the love of my life back into my arms
andie, UK
I just made a wish for harmony in my finances
thank you so so much Jo for your help and support
<3 <3 <3
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