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Jo Dunning Home Page

Jo Dunning Home Page

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Jo Dunning Home Page
Jo Dunning Home Page

The Wish Project Blog

Listen to the recording on the Wish Project page to make your wish.

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The journal below is a place where you can share and celebrate your wish. You can celebrate your wish when it comes true or when it is just starting in your life. You can also celebrate any of the wonderful little coincidences and surprises that happen in your life along the way to your wish coming true. When your wish comes true, you are welcome to begin again and make another wish. One wish at a time you can change your life! You can make a small wish that might happen very quickly or a bigger wish. Come here to this blog often and enjoy the celebration of wishes.

Please know that entries with advertising, links, email addresses, questions, personal requests or requests for contact, etc. are not eligible for posting.   


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Gwendolen Parsons,, new orleans,LA USA
I made a wish last night.I definatly see a small difference in my day.
Shelley, Washington
I wished last fall to complete a dreaded and tedious project. It is not done yet due to interruptions but when I returned to work on it this week after a months-long hiatus, I was surprised to find I had gotten a lot done last fall. I had forgotten what I had done. That was a big boost and got me going full-speed. I am farther along now and still wishing for focus and energy to complete it. Thanks so much for your help. You are very generous with your gift.
Sherin, Canada
I made a new wish yesterday and that is For $50,000.00 dollars by April my hands in a most wonderful way!
My dad is turning 80 and I would like to use some of this money to make a lovelyf amily party to here well help myself so I can move into more security and stability in my own life..instead of always waiting for some money from somewhere,..I can buy a beautiful wardrobe for me and take much better care of me and my personal relationships..Happy Birthday dad!
This would be a real celebration as he has had many illnesses and is having surgery today for something..keep on goin popos!!!

Thanks Jo..I actually believe it could happen!!
A first for me!
carl, uk
Hi Jo, I just felt compelled to share an outpouring of gratitude that has arisen within me today for you. I'm really appreciating your commitment to our growth and comfort this year; I can feel it surrounding me. Thank you thank you.
Let miracles abound, may all our wishes come true, all across the world. I love you.Carl
Sarah Louise , United States
Hello Jo, just a couple of days ago I heard myself think How wouldn't it be nice, if Jo Dunning offered her Activations of Awakening Process again. And Lo and Behold Here You Are! See How Great Minds Think Alike!
By the Way Thankyou Again for that wonderful High Self Process you did with Darius a few weeks ago. What a fantastic set up because a few days later I was web streaming with your Serbo croatian friend, you know the man with the long hair and x ray vision ( name withheld to protect the innocent). Sum total is There is a whole lot of Energy Work going on! And whatever for, one might ask??? Well try starting with so we each one can feel a whole more LOVE deep down inside ourselves, for ourselves and who ever we meet, plus our planet and universe in general. And so those multiple Headache patterns can dissolve and leave us for good this time, taking with it the loneliness pattern and the financial challenge pattern too, to name a few. Do you think we could stand to feel that GOOD about being alive? About what kind of contribution we might at last be able to make?? and whom we might be able to help up as well?? AWESOME!!!!!
Madamce Jo it is a supreme privilege to share Planet Earth with you at this time.
And by the way, Congratulations to All Our Roman Catholic Friends, on the election of the new Pope Francis from Argentina. It feels like a healthy move for More Love ! Hooray for Love Hooray!
Jody, USA
Thank you Jo!! for your upcoming gift to us all of the Activations...I believe this is a wondrous Wish support and will arrive in ways meteoric and gentle...what a lovely combination :) and my wish eagerly awaits receiving...
susie, Santa Ana
Thank you for the Gift The Activation of Awakening
on March 23 2013. Jo
Love and Gratitude
Monica, San Francisco, CA
Next wish - I sure could use a miracle with my finances, especially with my upcoming taxes and all of the credit card debt that accumulated while I made a transition out of a life in corporate America that was draining me and not allowing me to express my purpose. I would like to start the next chapter without a heavy financial cloud over me. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you!
Monica, San Francisco, CA
Thank you for your assistance with my last wish which was to have my 18-year old cat and love of my adult life transition peacefully, gently, and joyfully. I still wasn't joyful in saying goodbye but I realized Source took care of us that day. I had two loving friends with me all day who provided such support and my dear Simba was able to be present and engage with us. He enjoyed one last shared turkey sandwich, time outside, some kisses and hugs, and love. It also turned out we had other powerful beings around the country sending him love and energy and enabling him to make a beeline out of here for his next cosmic adventure. Thank you for easing one of my most difficult days ever.
Debbie White, Santa Fe, NM
Thank You, Jo, for this Wonderful Blessing.
My first wish was for a safe and uneventful trip during my recent relocation to NM.....and here we are, safe and sound.
I have now made another wish and am so very excited to watch it unfold!
Thank You, again.
In Love and Gratitude,
Jody, USA
This morning I considered a growing realization that on deep levels and in amazing ways, not predictable, my foundational and huge NY's eve Wish is completed.

I have sensed for a little while that my own wish energy did not feel as enveloped and cozy in its 'rightness'. And although some of its substance did not yet appear as I wished for, when I went back and read my written wish as I decided to write when I made it, I see that my literal words are actually in large parts, being wishfully met. And I think my literal words held both my wish meaning beyond those words and possibly what struggled away-afraid to touch and claim that aspect for my Wish directly.

My new Wish is also huge and boldly with words that for me speak to the next level, hoped for arrivals in meteoric time as touchable in Wishes, and builds on cherished dimensions of my NY's Wish visions. This Wish grows upon the ground and gratitudes and continuing energies of its NY's predecessor.
Thank you JO!
Ronesha Bowen, Memphis
I wish for a magic wand that would grant any of my wishes and wishes of others too no matter how extreme, impossible, and possible they are and they would come true at the time i want them too and i would get this wand monday 3/11/13
Helen, California
Hi Jo,

Thank you for your loving assistance! My wish was for CA State to return some of the money they took from me for Taxes that I did not owe. And they did partially! This was a miracle as they denied my request three times prior to the wish project. Thank you and much love back to you! - Helen
Deborah, Atlanta
I am thrilled with the many avenues of possibilities that have presented themselves in my wish to improve my relationship with my husband. I had an insight the other day that compared our relationship to Arthur Penhaligon and Suzy Turquoise Blue, from the Garth Nix books, Keys to the Kingdom. (I read these books with my kids in middle school.) Arthur is on this heroic quest to the save the world and very busy obviously, and Suzy is very much her own gal, and very competent, occasionally getting Arthur out of some serious scrapes. I can hardly relay the delight and sense of renewal this comparison has given me. Your a wonder Jo! Way big thanks, Deborah
Mary, Eugene, Oregon
My wish is for help to pay my rent which is due in two days. Thank you Jo for the wish message and energy you have created for us and all of your lovely work.
Mary E Gates, United States
Thank you Jo the wish for my daughter to finish her cosmetology School and receive her license and then find a job has all come true..She finished school, received her license and now her job..bless you for all you do for us!!!!
Janny, Utrecht, the Netherlands
Thank you so much Jo for this wonderful energy process of 11 topics. I did not send in my request, but it surely was met.
i wish to recieve a financial MIRACLE so big that i'm not able to contain it NOW!!!
Dani B, United States
Thank You Jo for sharing your sweet heart, voice, and energy with all of us. I believe my wish did come true though not in the way I expected. I trust it is all happening as it is supposed to and it is time for another wish to show itself. Great bright blessings and peace to you and to us all. Thank you again, from the bottom of my heart.
Sue, Arlington
I just put away a sinkful of vegetables I was given when I asked for compost at an organic market, for my community garden. There was a large box of compostables, enough to fill the bin, all of these vegetables and a box of good fruit, which are fresh and perfectly good to eat and to share with a friend. What an amazing surprise. The other week I was in another store, and bought some items on sale, and they gave me half of them for free because there were no price tags on them. That's a standing joke for me, whenever there isn't a tag, that surely it's free, but this is the first time it happened this way. I have been relying on my garden for vegetables, and at the end of winter, that has grown slim. Out of stubbornness, habit and economy, I haven't switched to buying in the store again, and am so grateful that I'm shown in this way that I really do need all this good food for my strength and health.
Shamaila Shaikh, Canada
I wish him to love me too.
Shamaila Shaikh, Canada
I wish to have the love I feel for others for myself too.
Sue, Arlington, VA
It is simply phenomenal, the way I have been feeling today - the moments of clear happiness, and deep ease - able to go on with my day, and at the same time, deeply happy, not needing the usual distractions. I had the courage to join a call sharing on spiritual grounding in everyday life, and was blessed with many insights. And received an unexpected check for $75 from a class action lawsuit I hadn't heard of - when does that ever happen? What's most important is feeling loved, feeling valued - a deep inner knowing that this is true. My sense of my work was different, I had a clear sense of how it is helpful to others, and guidance on how to keep it helpful. Thank you so much, Jo, for all of your assistance, now and for the past 3 years. I was so lucky to find you. For people new to Jo, my advice would be to know how wonderful you are, and let her work go deep inside you. Sending much love to Jo and Deb and all who help you with your work. And much love to all on this blog.
Romina, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Thank you so much, Jo, for your work, your love and generosity. I love the last energy processes you've offered. Huge hugs and blessings for you and this community.
Maya, London
Dear Jo, thank you for your love, for your beautiful energy and your gift to the planet.

I am here for my second wish.
the first one for money to get a new place became true in 24 little hours, a friend gave me £1200 to get a new place as I had to move out of my old one and was out of work.

He gave me more than what I asked for. I texted him my request, then came here made wish, then prayed for about an hour and went to sleep.

The following morning when I got up I had a text back saying yes but you will need more to make the move and to tie you over until you get a job. He had no reason to do it and he was the 3rd person I asked after my bank manager and my mum.

I had paid all the money I had as a holding deposit for the new flat which I Loved very much and which was in an area where I have always wanted to live. I wanted to show the universe my intention to get the new place although I had no idea where the rest of the money will come from. I had no words to express my gratitude when He gave me the money.

So I am back with a new wish to get a well paid, full time job, starting Monday 4th March 2013, that I would enjoy doing, working with lovely people and that would last for at least the next 2 years.

Thank you and may all your dreams, wishes and heart's desires come true!
maria, stafford england
i want to say thank you jo for my wish of a new loving house has come true!! everything went really smooth and support and resources were ready for everything!! Thank you!! is beautiful!!
Lisa, Calgary, Canada
I have put in a wish for financial security and freedom, as I have been out of work for a year with absolutely no clue on direction. I want to acknowledge some movement towards this wish coming true, as I just was offered a well paid 9 month contract. It's a start towards that financial security I am asking for.
I also want to acknowledge that my money container has gotten bigger. In the past, I struggled to receive a well paid job and would spend the money I earned quickly. This time my energy feels different, almost like my container to receive financial abundance as gotten wiser and bigger. Thank you, I am grateful.
Janice Duncan, Sacramento, CA United States
Jo, Thank you so much for your special processes that you gave us on the Quick Pulse call. I feel much more alert and with it as well as more connected. I appreciate so much all the energy work that you do. Lover you so very much!
marie, Canada
Thank you Jo for the wonderful gift last night. Your love is so inspiring and so beautiful i always love and just gratitude to you for your presence in my life and here on the planet. I wish you the very best possible. I love you
Joyce, Monmouth, IL
Jo, I listen to you every day on World Puga archives!! Love it that everything a person could ever wish for is covered in your awesome way. Money, relationships, help for pets, spiritual awakening; it is all there!! Thank you and Namaste!
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