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The Wish Project Blog

Listen to the recording on the Wish Project page to make your wish.

Click here to add your comment for the blog.

The journal below is a place where you can share and celebrate your wish. You can celebrate your wish when it comes true or when it is just starting in your life. You can also celebrate any of the wonderful little coincidences and surprises that happen in your life along the way to your wish coming true. When your wish comes true, you are welcome to begin again and make another wish. One wish at a time you can change your life! You can make a small wish that might happen very quickly or a bigger wish. Come here to this blog often and enjoy the celebration of wishes.

Please know that entries with advertising, links, email addresses, questions, personal requests or requests for contact, etc. are not eligible for posting.   


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Kristen Renee, Oak View, CA
I wish for abundance and support though my healing process without worries, financial or otherwise. XO
Thanks you Jo Dunning
Susan, Costa Mesa calf
Hello Jo
My wish. To live and a better environment. My own apartment roses piece a lot of green trees and flowers
A grateful heart

Michelle Creveling, Scottsdale AZ
Dear Jo, Thank you for doing the wish project. Many thanks for the Blessings I have received. Just got my wish.

Louise, Carmel CA USA
Dear Jo, Thank you so much for the healthy return of my three dear cats; they are my fur family, comfort & joy. (Two of them came home within minutes of my wish.)

I just made my next wish & feel blessed as I await its fulfillment.

Gratitude ongoing,
Pemma, London
My wish is that I start writing and have my thoughts and ideas flow freely and effortlessly, channelled through the Divine in me to give birth to the book waiting to be written. So grateful for this right now.
Shamaila , British Columbia
My most desired wish is to finally be found by a loving, kind, financially and emotionally established partner who also adores me.
I am putting this wish to universe and I know I'm supported and taken care of.
Thanks Jo for being with us to feel not alone.
My Wish… Is Wish Project still valid?, Studio City, California
I am so excited to be making another wish! Thank you so much Jo Dunning!!! I re-listened to recording… It says during the year of 2012. Wondering if this project is still valid???
My Wish…
I wish for my own quiet, peaceful, affordable, spacious, (with a great kitchen), sunny home with safe covered parking for my motorcycle, in which I have all of my stuff in one place and that I can feel creative, happy, expansive and in the flow.
I am so grateful for this opportunity to get clear about my most pressing thing that I want to manifest for myself!!! My last wish was to have a clearer connection with my guides. Such a blessing to be receiving clear guidance from my guides. Real life changer!!!!! Thank you Jo Dunning <3 <3 <3 I love you and am deeply grateful for all the amazing gifts you offer to the world and especially me… :)
SusAn, Dana ana
Hello jo
My wish is too live in my own
Apt. Soon the people who I was living with
Had no repect for me do move out
Thank you
My wish: to SWIFTLY be legally, officially married to a man who adores me, makes me smile and laugh, and provides for and supports me. (Oh, and I adore him back. My dream man.) ;)

I am allowing it! I am ready! I am moving forward in my life! I am getting closer and closer! Look how quickly my most joyous dreams are coming to me!!!

11:11PM Friday 8-15-14
vicky, Mesa,az
I am so grateful for all you do Jo. I have always hoped I would attend one of your retreats. I just made my wish for the funds to show up to do the live stream of this years Fall Events.
thank you and Bless You
Cara, United States
I wish for a means of income to support all my needs and desires and to allow me to save for retirement so i can live with grace and help my family and others in need. i wish for this to come to me very quickly. I also wish for peace of mind, a quiet mind, for the ability to still and quieten my constant busy mind. Jo you are a blessing to the universe, we love you so much and thank you for helping us all. God bless you.
Rose, New Jersey
I placed my wish on 8/3/14 and really hope that my request comes true.
Christine (dime lady), NY
I'm so happy to write that my wish of attending the fall retreat was answered. I've wanted to go for the past few years and could never justify it. This year I just made it happen. I am oh so very grateful and can't wait to finally meet Jo and Deb and be with you all. I'm so excited....thank you Jo, "see you in September"
Much love,
Ellie, Naperville, IL
I made a wish that the love of self be so deep that It open me to receive all the good life has to offer.
I felt an energetic shift the next day & was shown an identity I had taken on for acceptance & love that limited my receiving. I feel the love of Jo's prayers supporting truth in me.....
juliana, mexico
Hi i have wanted this for year its exiting to know its actually happening and i wish for all of you the same blessings
Ashira, Tucson, AZ
Thank you for offering such a wonderful service! I absolutely love your energy!
Gillian, United States
Jo - over the past few years, I have received wonderful energy boast from you. Thank you. Due to bullying at work, I am being moved to a different position that pays far less. I didn't stick up for myself when the bullying began; this woman is about 200 lbs. heavier than me, and 20 years younger. I was feeling insecure b/c it was a technological job in a different field; and I was recovering from cancer treatment. She was supposed to train me; instead she gossipped and complain... feeliing so discouraged. I loss tens of thousands of $$ in commissions...receive just enough to keep roof over head, and food in house. Will not have much more...I'm writing a book; and buliding a website. Ideally, would like this business to take off so I can quit my job and this BS office politics. Help. I'm feeling discouraged and alone.
Parise, Alberta
Dear Jo ,
Placed my wish with a smile on my face and my hand on my heart. Wished for a body that feels total comfort 24 /7 ,night and day (pain keeps me up ).Wish to walk with ease and grace ,with confidence ,courage and trust .

I have been plagued with such pain in my feet, ankles and hips making it very difficult to walk. Didn't mention the word pain in my wish ,kept it positive !

Much gratitude for this loving opportunity to brake free. Yay !!!

Much love
Maricel, San Jose, Ca
I wish that I would be treated more fairly as as a human being. This past decade, I felt sub-human in many levels and I wish this will be changed soon. I know that I DO NOT deserve the treatment I got, and I hope the universe will not take it against me for putting it out there. And I want the treatment on me as a human being to be upgraded as I know I deserve. I wish all humans will be more conscious in treating other humans as equals, perhaps as well as they treat their own pets.
Daniela, perth Western Australia
My wish is to BE connected to my Higher Self
Jody, US
I decided today, as part of my birthday, to refine and upgrade :) my Wish. So I have just enjoyed doing that! and sensing my way forward, in this new year of mine as fully interwoven in the new richness of fabric of my Wish made and form of Wish arrivals in its actions. Feels most Right!
Thank You!!
sue, waimea, hi
Thank you Jo for all your blessings. Be blessed in return 1000 folds!!!
with love
Elena, Clearwater, FL
Happy Wesak, Jo, Deb, and everyone!
Everyone loves & honors Mother Earth! Everybody nurtures the rainforests, brings the presence of sacredness with them, experiences a direct and constant state of enlightenment or Buddha/Quan- Yin//Christ Consciousness.

Gloria in Excelsis Deo!
jody, US
Jo-What beautiful words and energies infusing your Mother's Day wish-I felt them before even opening the email up
...decided to share my thanks here and to hopefully refuel and soak up Wish energy manifestations here Wish roller coaster continues as my 'brain happy' appears to first have needed to cleanse anything not resonating on the happy neuronal spectrum so it's been an intense ride these past few weeks!

...I'm so hoping there are sudden new wish blooms that are about to burst into arrival quickly!! even though I didn't know they were rooted...actually exactly like an amazing maple tree that literally arrived last season in a discarded flower pot outside the door, and now stands over 6 feet tall. I smile each time I leave and walk by her and each time I return home.
Thank you again Jo for your wonderful heart words and so many ways you honor so many creations-sharing in mothering all these Wishes.
nimisha, bangalore India
Dear jo, Thank u so much for all your love and energy, I always think of u whenever I have some kind of problem big or small, I visit you webpage read articles go to wish project and then relax as I know your energy will always heal and put things in place.

Lots of love,

Ben, california
Dear Jo, Must tell you about last week when you gave us an extra energy boost on Facebook. I was very certain that i lost my passport a few months ago, and already made an appointment for next month at the post office to apply for a new one. The day after your Facebook blessings, my passport simply re-appeared in a folder which i was sure that i looked into many many times before. I can never thank you enough for all the miracles you have done for us. You have saved us from so many troubles in every way, and often "unimaginable." Wish you the very best always, Jo. With Gratitude, ben
Gloria, San Diego, CA
I don't recall the exact time that I entered my wish, peace & healing in my current relationship, but I received the welcome email at 3:49. My relationship had become distant due to outside interferance from my family, my boyfriend decided we were better off friends but we continued to see each other. It's been a torment because I feel he's hurting just as much as I am but he would say hurtful things & we were no longer intimate. He always says were just friends but it's almost as if he's convincing himself or testing me to see if I'll give up. I know my wish will take time to come true but I just wanted to share that I received a sign indicating it's on it's way. It may seem silly but I received a text message from him at 4:00. Our issues are a little complicated & we weren't able to spend Easter together but I'm glad to know he thought of me.
Thank you
Eileen, Marengo, IL USA
My first wish was fulfilled almost two years ago when a friend called and offered me a full time job. I thankful for this gift and for Jo. She is amazing.
My new wish is that I would have a job that is three days a week that is fun. I wish that I could work three days a week, get insurance benefits and make the same salary that I make working full time. I would like time to practice reflexology and essential oils. I am open to receiving from the Holy Spirit.
Thank you all, Eileen
Jody, Universe
My Wish seems to be on a roller coaster ride and I don't exactly remember getting on board. Each time I sense and see evidencing in the 'right' direction there comes a sudden spinning, diving down, startling hill, sharp curve, change of speed...

One 'next' that seems in wonderful support to and for my Wish, and of choosing rides too :), Brain's Happy Rewiring time on Tuesday...anticipation in further unknown, some roller coaster activity of investment, and also a strong sense of trustworthy 'landing' and settling in the energy blessings and portals guided by Jo!
Thank Goodness for that Goodness!!!
Smitha, MN
I wished for my stage freight to go away. I usually even tend to get nervous when my child goes on stage. She had a dance this weekend and surprisingly I remained very calm that day and while waiting back stage. I was even able to make funny faces and make her laugh backstage. She danced beautifully. A big step forward. Wish to continue to grow on this. Thank you Jo.
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