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Jo Dunning Home Page

Jo Dunning Home Page

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Jo Dunning Home Page
Jo Dunning Home Page

The Wish Project Blog

Listen to the recording on the Wish Project page to make your wish.

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The journal below is a place where you can share and celebrate your wish. You can celebrate your wish when it comes true or when it is just starting in your life. You can also celebrate any of the wonderful little coincidences and surprises that happen in your life along the way to your wish coming true. When your wish comes true, you are welcome to begin again and make another wish. One wish at a time you can change your life! You can make a small wish that might happen very quickly or a bigger wish. Come here to this blog often and enjoy the celebration of wishes.

Please know that entries with advertising, links, email addresses, questions, personal requests or requests for contact, etc. are not eligible for posting.   


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  1. Sanjoy Banerjee from India says:

    There have been so many changes over the 9 months or so I have connected with Jo, Deb and the Abundance Project that it is difficult to put it down in writing. However, there was a small funny miracle that I would like to mention here today. A few days ago I was visiting some relatives and when I returned I discovered some money in my trouser pockets which were not there when I had started. No one, including the people I had visited , had any idea how it got there. It was just the right amount for a birthday gift for my wife and very timely too!! It was a great experience that just goes to show that nothing is really impossible in this world. Long Live The Abundance Project. With Love.

  2. Dave Tate from Vancouver British Columbia Canada says:

    Hi Jo, I really am so greatful and blessed to part of this amazing energetic healing. In January of this year I became very ill, and couldn’t work for about 3 months. A dear friend of my wife’s introduced me to the Abundance Project, and then the miracles started ! A business associate took me out for lunch, and gave me an envelope full of money.
    Not long after that a car appearred for us ! Best of all though, I could feel myself healing with the energy work…….Many, Many, Thanks Jo !

  3. Christine from Cayucos, CA says:

    Dear Jo & Deb, I love you & thank you! Special thanks for the Jo Dunning Speaks book & CD\\\’s I recently received. I carry the book in my purse, & listen to CD\\\’s while sleeping. It feels like installing major upgrades in my being & my life! I don\\\’t really know what to think about it but I\\\’m so grateful for your amazing support the past 3 yrs. since I found you. Bless you both!

  4. FP from Nashville, TN says:

    We have had major miracles through Jo’s energy work, but yesterday I had a wonderful small miracle: I pulled into a parking deck and got a ticket from the machine. Then I realized I was not in the right parking deck for where I wanted to go. So I parked my car and walked back to the entrance and asked the attendant if I would have to pay for the first half-hour, even if I left right away. She said, “if you just pulled in, you’ll still be within the ‘grace period’ which is 10 minutes and you won’t be charged anything when you leave. I thought, “what a great concept: ‘grace period’.” Yes, I do believe I’ll look for every opportunity to dwell in the “grace period” no matter where I am! Thanks again, Jo, for facilitating this transition to a wonderfully abundant life.

  5. Nicole Raisin Stern from Shibayama, Chiba, Japan says:

    i am feeling a bubbly excitement imagining being at the retreat in November. A possibility.

    Thank you, Jo, for all your supportive words and thoughts, energies and love. I know the changes are moving through me and in me at lightning speed; I just let it happen. I do trust the process and look forward to each moment with glee and wonder. Thank you so much for all your Abundance teachings and to all my teachers always. I love you.

  6. admin from says:

    Hello My Friends,

    It is great to write a little more here now to you. I have been in California this week putting the final touches on the location for the Fall Events in November. It has been a very magical time and I am so happy about all that will take place at the events.

    I know that many things have been changing and transpiring for each of your lives. We are in such an important time of opportunity to create great change and wonder in our lives. Things can change very suddenly right now in all our lives. We can be in something very challenging and move very rapidly directly into a magnificent new beginning and opportunity. Things can now all happen in a fraction of the time it used to take.

    The changes are all moving us very rapidly toward a much more magnificent possibility, no matter how it might look in the moment. During times of great and rapid change it is important to keep our feet solidly on the ground as we allow the world to transform around us. Remember that what is happening is temporary and is moving us very quickly into something so much better. Sometimes something can switch from sadness into great joy in just a matter of a few hours or a few days.

    So keep the window open for new solutions to present themselves and new routes to appear to take you towards you goal. Sometimes it seems that everything is the same and at the same time everything is totally different. This is one of the signs of great internal transformation as we become a new Being inside.

    Remember, you are always Divinely guided and loved. The next step is right there waiting for you to take it. Once you take that next step, then a little more of your journey can reveal itself. Do your best to trust the process of life as it unfolds before you.

    My Love to you,


  7. Nora M. Badia from San Salvador, El Salvador, C.A. says:

    Is Not even a year since I heard about Jo. A year ago, I didnt have a place to live, my income was downsized and I had to moved to another place because I lost everything I had. Now I have to celebrate, I have been blessed by listening to you Jo. I have my own place, and even though my income is less than half before I cover everything I need on a daily basis. My health has improve so, so much, it is incredible! but I do believe! I have no friends here but I found two human anges on my path! If I could find grater words to say who much THANKFUL I am, I would write them here. Bless you Jo and every day I say thanks to you and the Universe!. with Love and Gratitud…

  8. Tonya from Texas says:

    I’ve noticed that I don’t have to get to the desperate point in my finances anymore before a turnaround occurs. Thank you Jo for helping me see that the choice is mine. I choose abundance and prosperity, joy and love today and that is what I am receiving. I am so blessed to have discovered you and so grateful for your support. Brighter days keep lighting up my world and I see so many improvements in my family and friends since putting them on your prayer list! Thank you, thank you!

  9. marie from says:

    Thank you so much Jo for your loving and presence in my live. i love you so much and feel so safe now to have known you. I tell everyone who can hear about you. thank you sooo much.

  10. DebH from Kansas City (Heartland) says:

    Hi Jo,

    What a treat to read your new book, Jo Dunning Speaks. I have been listening to the Mp3 recordings of your lovely voice just before and during sleep for weeks. Just received the book and Cds. Everyone should have a copy!

    My love and gratitude to you, and also to Deb, for clearing so much for me through the monthly teleconferences.

    My life is lighter and I am freer thanks to you! My heart is full of love.

  11. Your NameJill from SLC, UTah says:

    My most heart felt thank you, Jo. I have been blessed by your presence since the day I first heard you on “Healing with the Masters”. My life has been continually improving — in every area. I have had so many blessings, small and large. My daughter listens to your recordings on “World Puja” every night as she falls asleep. She has totally transformed! Her sister has noticed the positive changes in her personality (as well as the increased financial abundance she has received) and is now listening to your recordings as well.

    Jo, you are like a ballast for me. In these turbulent times, I can reach out and steady myself against your calming voice and uplifting message of hope and love. The rain of abundant energy is like icing on the cake. My love to you . . .

  12. pam from ny says:

    I was overjoyed when my piano was sold exactly when I needed the money!!

  13. Radiant Rose from Arizona says:

    The Wave of Abundance flowed through a day early this week:
    Today I bought 2 large cantaloupes, 1/2 gal. milk, 1 dozen eggs, 1 Loaf of bakery French Bread for $4.39 (and that includes the sales tax).
    Oh Yes, I AM Blessed! And I gave one of the cantaloupes to my neighbor. I am really looking forward to tomorrow – Friday, when the ‘official’ Abundance Project wave flows around the globe!!

  14. Ann Reynolds from Napa, California says:

    Hello all!

    So glad to be here amongst such beautiful, powerful, uplifting energy!
    I have been reading and thoroughly enjoying my Jo Dunning Speaks book which arrived just days ago. I am so blessed in each and every way, each and every day.

  15. Madeleine from Germany says:

    there is so much more to say… I will when I’ll have had a few nights of sleep after all :)
    THANK YOU for your generosity

  16. Madeleine from Germany says:

    Dear Jo, there are no words available to me – and I guess not to anybody – that could describe my deepest gratitude for guiding me through these past months, which were the most challenging ones in a row.
    You touched and moved my soul on a very deep level, especially with regard to finally being able to really FEEL that love, trust and gratitude make all the difference in the world when dealing with what needed to be dealt with.
    There are still some ongoing challenges….. I\’m positive I\’ll make it, because I already feel so much more abundance in many ways. Little miracles keep happening…..
    You truly are a very special spiritual teacher and a gift for this world.
    My love to you
    And also to you, Deb, a huge Thank You for clearing so much for me through the Pulse technique on the recent teleconferences. It is amazing how my life feelsl lighter.

  17. Laurel from says:

    I wanted to share this with you. I do it every day.

    “We are grateful for abundant truth
    We are grateful for everlasting love
    We are grateful for glorious health
    We are grateful for freedom from fear
    We are grateful for the great supply of earth resources
    We are grateful for the endurance of physical and spiritual strength
    We are grateful we can see the future through the newness of each day

    We join with all the creatures of our Mother Earth in glorious songs
    of praise and thanksgiving for the abundant life that is ours.”

    ~ Twylah Nitsch

  18. Genet from Sweden says:

    Jo and Deb, words can not describe the gratitude i feel in my heart. I am not the same person i was 6 months ago, my mind is clear and my heart is filled with compassion and love to all beeings. I see aboundance in all aspects of my life and i feel so fortunate. Thank you. Thank you.

  19. Your Name Daniele from LuxEurope says:

    I feel so grateful to be able to read this blog, changes going on for so many people, lights shining all over the world. I arrived in Hongkong today, coming from Europe and on my way to Shanghai for a week, and funny enough I read a couple of messages from people travelling in Japan today, not only on this blog. Japan is a place I wanted to visit 4 years ago – then stopped in Shanghai for 2 years and returned to Europe. Getting Japan back to my mind again so unexpectedly puts a smile on my face :) and a warm feeling of connectedness into my already happy heart. thank you!

  20. alison from says:

    to jo and deb – thank you thank you thank you thank you!! :D
    life has been good and abundance is flowing into my life and my family everyday. this is a blessing.

    lots of love,

  21. Your Name Michelle from Arizona says:

    Thank you, Jo, for your generosity and for your wonderful healng work. I celebrate the great abundance in my life and work.. Thank you . Thank you. Thank you.

  22. Ellen from Colorado says:

    I have to say thankyou again (its been awhile). I do little miracles for my family and friends and use the pulse for myself…I’m so greatful for my niece’s “normal” lab results today!!! Yay!! Thankyou Jo and Deb!!!
    You’re both amazing and “keep up the good work”! Our hearts are opening with your help and guidance!

  23. carleta from says:

    Happines as a current way of being..More abundance each day. .
    Thank you Jo!
    Wish you the best,

  24. Nicole Raisin Stern from Kyoto says:

    I am grateful for the gift of abundant time and a beautiful quiet space today to finish a watercolor in the guest house where I am staying. One of my hosts surprised me with a Japanese sweet this afternoon when they returned.

    The other day, I met a Japanese calligrapher who mentioned Ho?oponopono in our conversation. I had recently been listening to one of Jo’s archived talks in which this word comes up. That Ho?oponopono came up again, abundantly confirms to me that thoughts and ideas travel as messengers and that what we/I focus on and keep close to our hearts manifests.

  25. Nish from says:

    A four leaf clover, a parakeet feather and a wonderful day out strawberry picking with my family! My life is filled with abundance!

  26. Nicole Raisin Stern from Kyoto says:

    Hi Jo,
    So many little miracles happening every day! I believe listening to your talks over and over again and feeling the energy is freeing up the natural, joyful flow of abundance and adding much much more. I wake up almost every night to a word or phrase being spoken right then that is meaningful to my journey; the rest of the night, I am not aware of the words, only the energy that meets and boosts my “own” energy. Just why/how I wake up to hear the word(s) or phrase(s) I do is an interesting mystery to me.

    Before I left for Japan, and for several months prior, my laptop was becoming sluggish and eventually wouldn’t start up at all. And the “N” key stopped working, which was odd for me since my name begins with an N and I/we use N’s a lot! I had to cut and paste all my N’s, big and little. Thanks to a friend who let me use his laptop, I was able to continue to listen to your live World Puja talks and participate in the Pulse Technique sessions that are offered by Deb… but was only able to listen to the “fix-something-that-is-broken” segment once or twice. However, I think that all the cumulative abundance thinking and feeling I’d been doing as a result of listening to your talks did indeed fix my computer. What happened is that I decided to bring my laptop to the Apple Store knowing and trusting that somehow it would get repaired even though it was out of warranty and the money to pay for it wasn’t apparent. I remember feeling that everyone there (at the store) wanted to help me and that is what happened! They replaced the hard drive, put in a new mother board, backed up my data for me (on the external hard drive that I purchased), replaced the outer shell and inner keyboard surrounding material, updated my OS, and the “N” key worked again! I was so happy. I thanked the manager and everyone who had helped me and they were all very pleased at being able to help – what everyone really wants to do, I think.

    Here, in Kyoto, the miracles continue – strangers have given me bus tickets, someone else gave me a ticket to see an amazingly beautiful outdoor Noh performance at a major shrine, just because I followed my guidance to go to that shrine just then, oblivious to the Noh play about to happen, a textile factory owner in the famous Nishijin area, weavers of the gorgeous silk kimono and obi, invited a friend and I inside his factory and gave us a private tour for no apparent reason other than that we were there listening to the clack-clack-clack of the looms and smiling. Spontaneity and joyousness flowing (and growing with the abundance/prosperity consciousness). In the guest house where I am staying, the owners have bought 3 of my paintings and a guest bought 2. At the bridge where I have been setting up to sell, I have been selling paintings, too. Three women sitting next to me at a soba restaurant surprised me with a bowl of zenzai, a special sweet bean and mochi dessert that i love… and more! Everyday there are many miracles. Just breathing is truly a miracle. And the miracle of all the emotions I am feeling to be back in Kyoto again after 22 years away. All day long I say “thank you.” I met a woman at the guest house who says thank you to many things, too, and she gave me the gift of deeply attentive listening and taught me a new word: Yutakasa. Abundance.

    Thank you, Jo – and Deb. I love you.

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