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Upcoming Events

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Tuesday, July 29th

The Quick Pulse Technique©, developed by Jo Dunning, is one of the most powerful and life changing techniques ever available. It is a premier, cutting edge process that has changed lives around the world. It takes only 3 minutes to use and is done sitting quietly in silence. This amazing technique rapidly rebalances any aspect of the mind, body or emotions. The results are often called miraculous as old issues dissolve and joy, happiness, comfort and freedom emerge.

The Quick Pulse Technique© is able to help resolve most life issues in a very simple and rapid manner. It has been used successfully with a wide variety of items and is very effective in resolving fears, phobias, and other difficult experiences. It also can clear limiting beliefs, physical conditions, low self-esteem, unwanted personality traits, abundance issues and many other limiting life experiences.

Offered the last Tuesday of each month

Click here for Phone Number & Link

The link to listen online is sent to the mailing list a few days before each call.


    DL Header Rewire Happiness

    The desire for Happiness is one of the strongest motivations influencing our life. We all want to feel happy. The focus of this workshop is to clear the limitations to experiencing happiness, create new brain pathways that connect with happiness and then activate your new Happiness Brain Program. This workshop offers the opportunity to experience more happiness in your life and create the wonderful life you are seeking.

    Download ONLY - No Bonus                                           $97 ORDER
      DL Header Rewire Success

      Now you can take your experience of success to a higher level. The feeling of success is a powerful and important part of living life to its fullest. This workshop will assist in clearing the limitations to experiencing success, create new brain pathways for success and activate your new Success Brain Program. Enjoy the wonders of a life filled with success!

      Download ONLY - No Bonus                                          $97 ORDER
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        Connection REDO

        We each want to feel a strong and clear connection to our Source and fill with love, have a deep feeling of confidence in the world, make wise choices and trust the everyday events of life. This workshop will focus on increasing your Divine Connection, removing any limitations and rewiring and activating the brain to its Divine Alignment with Source. Let life become a joy filled process.

        Download ONLY, No Bonus - available 2 weeks after event              $97 ORDER

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          Jos Interview Replay


          The Replay is up!

          Jo offers energy work to the entire show audience.

          This show was recorded and archived by News for the Soul. Listen free at your convenience. The energy remains active on the recording.

          Click HERE to listen to the replay -

          Small Header Rewire HH

          Most of what we do each day is governed by habit. This workshop will assist in clearing those habits which cause limitation, creating new brain pathways and habits which naturally support a more abundant and magnificent life and activating your new Good Habits Brain Program. Time to have the life you desire.

          Download ONLY, No Bonus - available 2 weeks after event               $97 ORDER

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