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Jo Dunning Home Page

Jo Dunning Home Page

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Jo Dunning Home Page
Jo Dunning Home Page

The Prodigy Process

Be Your Magnificent Self

The Prodigy Process

with Initiation

Thursday, May 11, 2017 at 6:00 p.m. Pacific Time

It's not to late!

Replay available through midnight Pacific Time, Sunday, May 14, 2017

Sign up now!

An opportunity to Awaken all of
your talents and skills

and become who you really are!

You have talents and skills, spiritual abilities and gifts and so many aspects of yourself that are just waiting to be Awakened and enjoyed.



Jo has just opened the treasure chest of her many years of events to allow them to serve and Awaken during this important time of rapid changes. She has been working energetically with them since they were first created to amplify their energy into the very highest levels. She knew the time would come when these exceptionally important and powerful opportunities would be needed. That time is now!

The Prodigy Process with Initiation is the first event to be released into the world. It is here to help you during these amazing times of very rapid and dramatic changes in the world. Every area is being affected including government, economy, finances, food and water supply, conflicts, medicine and even Consciousness. 

You are invited to watch this short video of Jo as she describes a little about The Prodigy Process.






Here is a way to know. Do you sometimes think about any of these items?

  • How can I best navigate these very fast changing times?
  • Will I be OK?
  • How do I increase the skills I need to adapt and prosper?
  • How do I access the Magnificence inside me?
  • Can I still develop the wisdom and talents I will need?
  • What do I do about the new feelings I am having?
  • How do I take the next steps in my Consciousness? I am ready! (Or not)
  • Is it possible to magnify my current gifts and talents?
  • How do I quickly increase my spiritual gifts?
  • What will our world be like in even another year or two?
  • How can I feel more peaceful and less stressed?
  • Who am I anyway? And why am I here?
  • Why do we have duality with opposites like good and bad?
  • When do I get to just be me?
  • Am I good enough to Awaken?

These are powerful questions. And your answers are important. They are an excellent indicator of your readiness and willingness to take the next steps, increase your talents and skills, and blossom into the Magnificent person you are inside.

Are you ready to move forward,
expand and become more Awakened?

If so, are you also ready to play, prosper and enjoy life more?

A special opportunity is now available to Awaken more of your greater skills, talents and spiritual gifts and more easily access all of these wonderful parts of you.

It is called 
Be Your Magnificent Self - The Prodigy Process.

We are very excited about this exceptional event, the very first to be offered from the vault of treasures that Jo has been saving! The energy is even more powerful now, the insights so pristine and the extra bonus process so helpful that this event will be presented in its entirety. It is amazing how much the energy has increased while in the vault!

It is just like being in the room again with Jo.
What an amazing opportunity!

Jo is at her very best, live and on stage, filled with tremendous wisdom and joy! Her humor, love, compassion and wisdom are all there along with the now amplified energy she is sending to you throughout the entire workshop. You can feel the tremendous love flowing to you.

And there is even an extra bonus included when Jo tells about the secret way she has discovered to step into the amazing states of being awake in your dreams. What a treasure!

Jo sends the powerful energy to assist each of us as
she talks about who we are, why we are here
and how to navigate the challenges of life.


The Prodigy Process alone is astounding! It provides the energy to amplify all of your current skills and talents. It also Awakens your many other talents that are part of being your most Magnificent and Divine self, including your Spiritual gifts. This powerful opportunity can benefit you in so many ways!

If you were fortunate to experience this process the first time and only time it was offered, you know how inspiring it was and the many changes you have enjoyed. It is time now to step up to the next level of expansion for your life.


Be Your Most Magnificent Self - The Prodigy Process
is available now, just for you, to help you through these times of rapid change and into greater Greater Consciousness and a new life!

Register now

Event Fee: $187

Offered by: Streamed Video (Webinar) or Phone (Audio Only)

Date: Thursday, May 11, 2017
Time: 6:00 p.m. Pacific Time
Replay - Three days

Can't Attend: You do not need to attend the Webinar to receive the Initiation and energy of this process. Your registration will assure your name is on the list and you are included. The changes can still take place just the same. There will be a replay for 3 days if you would like to enjoy listening.

This workshop and the energy from Source is complementary to and supportive of other approaches. Please know it is not intended to replace treatment by a licensed medical professional or to diagnose or treat any condition. Please consult a licensed medical professional.

REPLAY: The Replay will be available through Sunday, May 14, 2017 midnight Pacific Time. The Energy will be fully active on the replay.




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