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Prayer List

The prayer list is a way to receive special assistance from Jo Dunning with any area of your life. Many people have noticed wonderful changes as a result of receiving these very special and powerful prayers. You can submit your name and the names of others you would like to be included on the list. These can be members of your family, friends, pets, neighbors, employees, etc. The names you submit will remain on the list and receive prayers for the next 30 days.

Many people on the prayer list also enjoy listening to the free workshops offered by phone each month. These workshops assist in the rapid life changes you desire.

Prayer List Instructions

To add names to the Prayer list, fill out the brief information below. In the space provided submit only the first name of the people you would like to receive the prayers which Jo Dunning will offer on their behalf. Do not include their last name or any information about their specific needs.

* Prayers For
* First Name
Last Name
* Email
I would like to receive an occasional email about other events offered by Jo Dunning.

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