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Jo Dunning Home Page

Jo Dunning Home Page

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Jo Dunning Home Page
Jo Dunning Home Page

Activations of Awakening©

Many people enjoy receiving this Activation every time it is offered and find it dramatically accelerates the benefit and changes.

The Activations of Awakening© are a vital combination of three Activations all offered during one workshop. The workshop includes The Pineal Gland Activation©, Endocrine System Activation©, and DNA Structuring©. The combination of these three Activations provides the opportunity for the simultaneous transformation and Awakening of all aspects of your Being, mental, physical, energetic and spiritual.

Each Activation supports, enhances and balances the energies offered in the other two Activations. The combination of the three Activations offered during one workshop has created very rapid life changes, personal growth and expansion of Consciousness.

Pineal Gland Activation ©

The Pineal Gland is part of the Endocrine System and is located in the middle of the brain. It is responsible for regulating many of the functions of the body and plays a vital role in our early years in physical growth and development. Then, according to science, it stops functioning after puberty and eventually becomes hard and calcified.

However, in the Ancient Spiritual Schools, they knew the real importance of the Pineal Gland and found ways to stimulate it into its magnificent and role of transforming Consciousness and Awakening.

When the Pineal Gland is fully activated it assists you in consciously accessing the 95% of the brain that scientists have considered unused. This 95% includes the Sacred Chambers which contain your spiritual gifts, expanded abilities, Universal Knowledge, connection with Divine Source and Guidance, etc.

Once the Pineal Gland is activated, it will help bring your life into alignment with your purpose and mission, assist with the transformation of your mind and emotions, expand your consciousness and activate all strands of your DNA.

In addition to this rapid expansion of consciousness, many people also find they begin to quickly resolve issues in their life such as relationship, work, health, finances, etc. This Activation assists in the transformation of your Being on many levels including physical, mental, emotional and Spiritual.

Endocrine System Activation ©

The second Activation in the workshop starts the energetic and spiritual role of the Endocrine System. This assists your physical body to raise it vibration, become pure and pristine and function at its highest levels as it carries an expanded flow of high frequency energy. This Awakening of the potential of the physical body and enhancement of the energy systems flowing through it are a necessary and vital step in Transformation and Awakening.

DNA Structuring ©

The third activation during the workshop is DNA Structuring ©. This process releases the DNA from its modified and limited alignment and returns it to the original Divine Design and full potential. This Structuring of the DNA is an essential part of Awakening and is a foundational piece in supporting the Pineal Gland and Endocrine System Activations.

With these three powerful Activations all taking place during the same evening, the physical, mental, emotional and Spiritual aspects of your Being will once again interact and function harmoniously to support your overall transformation. This combined interaction will support you as you move rapidly toward your full connection with Source, Awakening and Divine Consciousness.


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