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Jo Dunning Home Page

Jo Dunning Home Page

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Jo Dunning Home Page
Jo Dunning Home Page
Light Wand Box

THE LIGHT WAND developed by Jo Dunning

This amazing energy tool can assist your body, mind, emotions, food, animals and plants.

Information about how to use the Light Wand is included below.


The Light Wand is a powerful tool to assist the body, mind and emotions with maintaining balance. This simple looking device is aligned with Universal Life Force, which is the energy which enlivens and maintains all life.

The Light Wand is easy to use and has been used effectively in a very wide variety of situations. Reports from users have indicated they found it very helpful with many physical and emotional conditions as well as assisting plants and animals and improving food and water. To date there are testimonials indicating the reduction or elimination of: pain, swelling, torn ligaments, vision problems, heartburn, headaches, sinus infections, allergies, hip and knee pain, arthritis, cuts, bruises, sprains, muscle strains, sore muscles, abscessed tooth, sleeplessness, dementia, flu, colds and upset stomach, anger, grief, loss, disappointment and stress.


1. The Life Force Energy will travel up to 3 ft from the wand and stops when it reaches its intended location.

2. The energy can travel through all substances including clothing, wood, metal, plastic, glass, dirt and rock.

3. The Life Force Energy can travel through the body, therefore you can address back issues by shining the Light from the front if that is more convenient. Or assist the eyes by shining the light through the back of the head.

4. Shine The Light Wand on the affected area.

5. Wherever the Light is shining, the Life Force Energy is going.

6. You can hold The Light Wand as close as desired to the intended location.

7. Use The Light Wand for at least one minute and up to 5 minutes or longer.

8. You can use The Light Wand for at least one minute per location or as long and as often desired.

9. Recent conditions respond more quickly, chronic conditions may require multiple treatments.

10. For emotional support shine The Light Wand on either the center of the chest or the navel area.

11. Always get permission before using The Light Wand on others or on pets, plants or food that is not yours.

12. There is no age limit on who can use The Light Wand as long as they know and follow the instructions.

13. If you are aware this tool is aligned with Life Force, it will come through when you turn it on.

14. If someone picks up The Light Wand and isn't aware it has Life Force, it is simply a flashlight.

15. It is fine to use The Light Wand as just a flashlight.

16. You can replace the batteries and the Life Force will still come through. When the wand cannot be repaired the Life Force will no longer be aligned with it.

CAUTION: Do not shine The Light Wand in the eyes. Any LED light is too bright and can damage vision. Cover the eyes when shining The Light Wand on the face.

DISCLAIMER: This information and tool is not intended to treat, diagnose or cure any condition. Always consult a licensed health care professional for your health concerns. This item is for information, research or entertainment purposes only.

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