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Jo Dunning Home Page

Marriage of the Pineal and Pituitary - March 16

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Dates, Times & Location
March 16, 2011, from 6:00 PM to approx 8:00 PM Pacific - Telephone,Webinar

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Answers to frequently asked questions below



Our world is moving into a new time and a new paradigm with change and transformation on all levels being accelerated. We are entering a time when we will leave behind materialism and move into Spirituality. We are shifting out of duality and into Oneness, from separation into union and from self into Service. It is a time of great opportunity and great expansion as the Light now spreads throughout the entire world. This time right now is perhaps the most profound opportunity for Awakening and transformation ever available.

Much of the ancient wisdom and secrets are being revealed and restored to assist in this process. Previously hidden and exclusive opportunities are now being made available to those who feel called. We are in a time of great transition from our human understanding and expression into Divinity. It is a magnificent time, filled with opportunity and it is happening right NOW!

It is up to each of us to use our free will to direct our path and choose our direction. Our active participation is a necessary part of this Transformation which can smooth our path and accelerate the journey.

Some of the ancient wisdom being revealed is specifically for the Transformation of Consciousness. These ancient processes are being recalled to assist in the Awakening of our Being and our restoration into Divinity.

One of these processes is known as The Marriage the Pineal and the Pituitary. It is an ancient and very advanced means of accelerating our connection with the Divine. Although this powerful means of Awakening was once well known, it has become nearly lost through the ages. Now, it is once again available to assist with the Awakening of our Divine Connection as we return to full Consciousness.

It is a privilege and an honor to have the opportunity to receive this great connection and experience its transformational energies.

The Pineal and the Pituitary glands are part of the human endocrine system and are located in the brain. Each of these key glands has a very important role in our growth and development on all levels.    The Pineal gland is located in the center of the mid brain and plays an active role during our childhood development. As we reach puberty, the Pineal Gland begins to diminish both in size and influence. By adulthood it is only about the size of a pea and usually appears calcified.

The Pituitary gland is located near the base of the brain and continues to have a major influence on all aspects of functioning throughout our life. It has been called the Master Gland because of its very dominant role in regulating nearly every aspect of our physical body.

Each of these glands has a vital role in our normal growth and development. However, beyond that initial role, these two glands have another important role. They each play an essential part in the development of our consciousness and Spiritual Awakening.

The role of the Pineal gland has been the focus of study for many cultures throughout ages, The Pineal Gland has been referred to by Descartes as the "seat of the soul" and by Bataille as the "pineal-eye" and by the ancient Greeks as our connection to our realm of thought. The Ancient Egyptians and other cultures knew how to activate the Pineal Gland as part of the process of expanding consciousness.

The energetic role of the Pineal Gland is to provide the avenue through which we receive and connect with the higher energies of the Heavens and Divinity. It is our link into the higher vibrations and the Awakening of full consciousness.

On the other hand, the Pituitary Gland is responsible for how this Divine connection expresses through our physical body and into our physical world. The Pituitary is the link into the Earth and the anchor of our Being here in the physical world. It plays the vital role of translating the Divine Vibration into manifestation in our physical reality.

These two glands have separate roles and functions as they relate to our physical life as well as our energetic or spiritual expressions.    Individually they provide a key influence in our consciousness and Spiritual Awakening. However, there is an even greater role they can play to assist in our full Transformation into Divine Beings.
For this to happen, something miraculous must occur. These two individual glands must merge their energies in a new way and begin to work together in a Unified and seamless flow of energy and expression. This merging of the energies of the Pineal and Pituitary is a very rare event. This event was most sought after by the great Beings throughout all the ages as they followed their path to full consciousness.

The merging of these energies creates such a profound change that it is referred to as a Marriage where two separate expressions are joined together to form a new One. In this process the expansive energies of the heavens are joined with the tangible forms of the Earth creating the Divine Marriage of Heaven and Earth. This marriage allows the energies from the Heavens coming down through the Pineal Gland to merge with the energies of the Earth through the Pituitary and to manifest in the world as a new creation, through the blending of Heaven with Earth.    When this Divine Union takes place consciousness can soar as Divine connection and expression are created. The stages of the completion of this Divine Union is known as Divinity in Human form, or God in a Body.

The great spiritual seekers of all ages have devoted their life to achieving this level of consciousness. For them it was very rare to find and individual who could assist them with achieving this Divine Union. And even if they should be so fortunate as to find such a person, they would be required to spend many years of devoted study and strict disciplines before the opportunity for this Sacred Union might ever be offered to them.

Today in our world, with the tremendous changes taking place on so many levels simultaneously, it is time once again to introduce this Sacred Union and make this rare opportunity available for Divine Connection and Transformation.
It is time now to offer this level of Spiritual advancement to those individuals who desire to expand into their full Divine potential. If you feel called to this level of Awakening and would like to participate in this unusual opportunity, you are invited to be part of this amazing event known to the Ancients as The Marriage of the Pineal and Pituitary.

The event is anticipated to fill rapidly.

Upon receipt of your registration you will receive a confirmation notice.

Refunds are available until the contact information is sent. After that time no refunds are available.


Answers to frequently asked questions:

Can I participate by telephone?

This event is available to listen on-line only.

Is this event recorded?

The Marriage of the Pineal and Pituitary is available ‘live’ only. It is not recorded for later listening.

Jo Dunning’s work is protected under copywrite law. No personal recording of work is allowed for any purpose. The energy on any personal recordings will be removed for your own wellbeing.

When will the webinar information be sent?

We will send out the webinar link and full instructions before the event. Let us know if you do not receive the instructions by March 14th.

You do not need to be present on the webinar.

As registrants of the Marriage of the Pineal and Pituitary, you will automatically receive the benefit of the process without being present on the webinar. All that is needed is your completed registration to have your name on Jo’s list.

Register using your own email address.

Our system uses your email address to identify you and to compile the list of names of who will receive this Activation. Any additional names added to your registration are automatically deleted and are not included on Jo’s list.

Using the same computer to register 2 or more people?

If more than one person registers using the same computer, you will need to do one or more of the following steps after each registration.

  • Delete cookies
  • Re-start your browser
  • Use a different browser
  • Re-start your computer

You may only register for yourself for this event.

Each registrant must register using their own email address. Registrations for additional names will automatically be deleted from our system.

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