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Jo Dunning Home Page

Jo Dunning Home Page

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Jo Dunning Home Page
Jo Dunning Home Page

Applied Sacred Geometry

Jo Dunning: Enlightenment for Everyone

Seattle New Times Newspaper

"The day before the shooting I thought I knew all of the answers to every spiritual question. The day after, I had no answers anymore." Jo Dunning is telling me the story of how a single life event shattered her reality and moved her onto the path of discovery which now shapes her life work. "It was as if everything I had ever talked about and believed in was gone. So I took a very close inventory of what was left. Only two beliefs remained. The first was a belief that everything in life comes as an opportunity to awaken and expand myself. It's up to me to decide if I want to take that opportunity. Another way to say it is that everything comes as a gift from God, which is non-duality or Oneness."Jo Medicine Buddha

Jo had been shot at point blank range by an intruder who intended to kill her as well as her friend and spiritual teacher with whom she shared her home. Both were shot and the friend died. Jo continues, reflectively, "The other belief was that inside of every single person there is a part of us that knows how to get from where we are to where we want to be. That aspect is sometimes called divine guidance; or spiritual connection; or the still, small voice."

Dispassionately, Jo reviews the trauma which changed her life. She often uses this event as a teaching story to encourage others to recognize opportunities in their lives for personal transformation. Jo Dunning transformed her unique opportunity into a process that has brought forth seemingly unusual healing gifts and has touched the lives of hundreds of people as she works with them in Seattle, Tucson, Santa Fe, Los Angeles, the Bay Area, and various other cities around the country. Jo is a gifted healer, channel and psychic, as well as a profound wise and intuitive Being. She is clairvoyant, clairaudient, and clairsentient. Yet she dismisses the idea that hers are "extraordinary" powers, emphasizing that she is an "ordinary" person and "those abilities are available to everybody."

In Jo's view, "Everybody got the full quotient of all of the gifts." She elaborates: "All we need to do is begin to unwrap the layers of our personality. As we unwrap those coverings over our Divine Self, then all of the gifts begin to come forward. Living as a Modern Mystic, my focus is to work internally to connect more directly with God, not to develop any particular gifts. A mystic does not become distracted from the goal of that Divine Connection when the spiritual gifts begin to appear, but understands they are just a natural part of the process. Some people start unraveling themselves and they become psychic and they stop there. They become 'The Psychic' and everybody comes to them to get a reading. If their goal were to move into the center of their Being and unwrap all the layers of their personality, they would continue walking the path to the internal chambers, and being psychic would just be one of the things that happens along the way. If our focus is to connect with God, then we continue to unravel towards the core and our Divinity. Soon we discover that all of us are psychic, clairvoyant, clairaudient, clairsentient. All of us can heal at a distance or do hands-on healing. All of us can even experience levitation, bilocation, and all the other amazing gifts the great masters demonstrate. So I don't call these things unusual, I just call them unused."

A conversation with Jo Dunning can be as wide-ranging as her teachings, and as focused. The basic tenets she puts forth center on a threefold philosophy: a trust-based belief in non-duality, the transformational power of releasing fear and judgment, and the ability of each individual to achieve their own Awakening. In a recent phone interview, Jo shared insights on manifestation, emotional clearing, opening to guidance, the value of "negative energies," and a multidimensional array of healing processes--much as she offers to others who attend her teaching groups. Now we are skimming through a self-empowerment course on mysticism, the foundation of Jo's journey into expanded consciousness.

Barbara: Will you tell something of the journey which prepared you to teach spiritual acceleration?

Jo: My first 25 years were spent in the Catholic church, so I have a great fondness for the whole Christian doctrine. I spent another 15 years or so in metaphysics, with a tremendous emphasis on phenomena. I really wanted to understand how to be a healer, how to do channeling and work with crystals and pyramids, and how to connect with beings that have died. I spent a lot of time curious and interested in those aspects of the metaphysical world, those things that were beyond the physical. Then I became very interested in classical mysticism. Mysticism became my major focus for seven or eight years.

At that time I was involved as a lay minister in Unity Center of Walnut Creek, California. I set aside all of the phenomena and just focused on practicing an ancient technique called the Prayer of the Heart. In this technique a silent prayer is repeated constantly, with the attention held in the heart. That practice helped me move through the busyness of my mind, helped me quiet my mind, and allowed me to begin to feel a tremendous internal love, a very pleasant feeling in my heart center that wasn't related to anything that was going on in the world around me. It just was ever present.

Barbara: Did you maintain this practice in a worldly setting?

Jo: During that time I was a high school teacher. The high school I taught at was in a ghetto area. It was a very demanding teaching assignment. I was working with a group of students that were very low achievers, not very interested in school. So that was a really demanding kind of worldly job. I think it was my practice [the unceasing internal prayer] that helped keep my classroom peaceful. I didn't have problems with the students. I didn't have uprisings or threats or a tempers going off.  It was a peaceful room filled with gentleness and cooperation.

Barbara: So your students were influenced by your practice?

Jo: It felt like that. When that wonderful feeling of love is present inside, we radiate it. The kids might be fussy and upset when they walked into the classroom, but in a few minutes they calmed down because they were around someone who was at peace inside. I'm sure the same thing happens in other work environments. Even though there are upsets and challenges and things that have to be attended to, it's possible to continue to say the Prayer of The Heart while you're doing other things. After a while, I noticed when I got upset I would be able to go inside and let the upset just clear itself out. Since my mind was focused in my heart area, the mind could not add more fuel to the upset and it would very quickly melt into love.

Barbara: Tell us more about the process you used after the shooting to bring about your healing transformation.

Jo: I realized that since the event had already happened, I might as well use it as a way to accelerate my spiritual growth,  What I discovered  I needed to do was let go of any of the ways I had known life, and especially the rules and beliefs I had followed in life. The structure inside of me was so gone the rules didn't seem to apply any longer. Many of the expectations of society were directed towards recovering--that means covering over again--and I had just gone through a huge trauma to open up and didn't want it all neatly covered over. So I decided I would not follow the social rules and I would just do what I felt was right for me each moment. My goal continued to be to reestablish the expanded feeling in my chest and to continue to heal myself and connect with God. I found it was very difficult to figure out how to live life if there are no rules telling us what we need to do, and who we need to see, and where we need to be, and how we need to act. But as I began to do just what I felt like doing, what felt right that moment, I began to discover something that was guiding me, perhaps the whisperings of Spirit, as I call it, assisting me through this process, helping to unwind the remaining layers of my personality and showing me how to begin to be in the world in a whole different way.

Barbara: It's a big leap to create a whole new way of being in the world.

Jo: Yes it is. What I'm finding is that everybody has this system in their body--in their physical body--that gives them signals, continually telling them how to take their next step. I think it's just a little step rather than a great leap, because we already have this system going on inside us. It doesn't matter what we're doing, that system is there like radar going all the time, and it is completely useable in our regular, everyday life. By following our guidance, it is very possible to completely change inside and create our own personal transformation. That's why one of the workshops I offer is called "Enlightenment for Ordinary People." I share how a person who considers themselves and their life very ordinary can begin to take on their own personal process of enlightenment.

Barbara: What do you mean by "enlightenment?"

Jo: Some words seem to be used interchangeably, like self-realization, transformation, enlightenment, awakening, universal consciousness, and sometimes even ascension. When I talk about enlightenment or transformation, what I'm talking about is continuing to expand our human consciousness into a fully awakened God  consciousness being..

Barbara: You have been coming from Tucson to teach in the Seattle area for the past several years. What is your perception of the spiritual climate here?

Jo: Seattle is a remarkable place to come to teach, because people in Seattle are very open and very available. It's such a delight to work with people who are that available. The emotional and internal climate in Seattle is very receptive to all kinds of information, particularly spiritual information, and people seem to be seeking in a very open manner. There's almost a joyful innocence in the people. They don't seem to have become as hardened to the world as I find in other cities.

Barbara: This decade is sometimes referred to as the End Times, the Changing Times, the New Times. How do you perceive these times?

Jo: I would say these are the times we are going to look back at and be so happy we had an opportunity to be here. My view is these are the times when we have opportunities to accomplish amazing spiritual growth in a very short period of time. My sense is that we are doing lifetimes of work each year. We are moving rapidly through tremendous amounts of clearing. The earth itself is beginning to change its vibrational rate and as that shifts it assists us in changing ours. So, it's not possible to remain as stuck or as dense as we have been in the past because even the earth now is assisting us in our expanding process.

Barbara: How do you see this changing our experience of spiritual development?

Jo: Each person is having their own experience at their own level of understanding and there are teachers available to teach at each level. Many teachers right now teach spirituality from a mental aspect, and that's important because much of the world is still very mentally oriented. But where we're headed is to completely embody spirit. That means in the physical body we are going to be bringing in all of the dimensions of God, right here in the physical plane. And universally there is so much happiness and excitement about this process because we're doing it! It's happening! So the teaching that I bring is about empowering ourselves to physically feel the presence of God, the presence of Spirit, the Divinity within us. To physically experience and become it! A  teacher with a mental focus shares processes of invoking or calling forth, visualizing or manifesting. All of the techniques which are essential at one level of development are also essential to be left behind at another level.

Barbara: You express a great deal of optimism about these times.

Jo: What I'd really like people to know is that all they dream, all they hope for, is available to them. It is completely possible to accomplish that now. No one is being left out. Everyone is included.  Everyone is remembered.  Everyone is worthy.  We don't have to be any different than we are right now to begin to tap into the great power and Divinity that dwells within each of us, as us.

+++++++Barbara Douglas maintains a counseling and massage practice at the Blue Star Center and on Whidbey Island, where she lives and writes.


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If I could give you one gift, it would be the gift of feeling filled with Love. Green Heart

There is nothing greater in our world than the feeling of Love. To be filled with Love is magnificent. To give it and to receive it is Divine. Love can heal your heart, your mind and your body and everyone around you. It is the vibration from which everything is made, it is the essence that creates and sustains all life. It is the beginning and the end of the journey of your Being, and everything in between.

Create the feeling of Love whenever you can. Allow its magnificent vibration to guide you, support you and bless you. It is the only thing truly worthy of your efforts, your time and your thoughts. No matter who you are or where you are or what is happening in your life, your experience can be transformed by the feeling of Love radiating within you.

Love rises to the surface of your Being and it fills you to your depths. When you are filled with Love, you can move gently through all you encounter.

As Love Awakens in each of us this year it will radiate from deep inside the center of your Being, then on out through every cell in your body and into the world. It will ignite you and everything in its path with its tenderness. Begin now!

Surrender to its gentle ways, let it ease your journey and calm your mind. Let it carry you to its heights, let it lift you from your depths. Allow Love to show you the world through it's eyes, and you will be transformed.

As the radiance of Love grows in your heart, it will support you on your journey, bring you wisdom and insights, expand your Being, ease your life and carry you even higher into the next expressions of Love.


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With all of the amazing energy pouring into our planet right now, this is the time to make changes in your life. Use this magnificent Walk on stepping stonesopportunity to focus your mental Attention and the Intent of your Being to transform your life. Attention and Intention are a powerful force. Then just add a little action and the changes begin.

There are Five Steps To Change that can help make the process easier.

The first step to change is awareness of what you want to change.
2. The next step is to understand the current system you are using.
3. Then discover which part of your current system is not working toward what you want.
4. Create a new step or habit for that part of your system.
5. Be Persistent.

Although these Five Steps can be used and adapted for almost anything you would like to change, let's use the example of applying The Five Steps to the clutter in your home from the mail you receive.

The goal is to change the habit that is creating the problem, and then clean up the mess the old habit created. In the example of the mail clutter, you are changing the habit or system that creates the unopened piles of mail, so no more mail is piling up. Then you can begin to more easily clean up the old clutter.

The secret is that you are creating a new habit, which takes about 21 days. So be patient with yourself and persistent for about 3 weeks. Very soon your new habit will become natural and you will easily handle the situation in a smooth and comfortable manner.

Below are each of the five steps explained a little more fully. If you would like more information about other methods of creating changes in your life and also energy support from Jo for 21 days to help you accomplish the change, then consider registering for: Step To The Next Level - 21 Days of Energy Support.

1. Notice the clutter, where it is and how you would like it to be. Like the mail piles up on the kitchen table and goes unanswered, misplaced and the pile continues to grow until you finally clean it up or just put it all in boxes to get out of sight and the next pile of mail begins again.

2. Notice what you currently do with the mail. You manage to bring it in and put it on the table. Good, that part is working. Then it just sits there unopened except when it is essential like to find a bill and pay it. The rest of the mail just continues to pile up along with the stack of already opened mail that needs to be filed.

3. Notice the part of the system that is not working. In this example, the clutter is created once you leave it unopened on the table.

4. Create a new step for that part. Now that you know where you old habit starts to not support your goal you can decide what is the best way to change that step. Maybe you will find that it helps keep a wastebasket right near the table where you set down the mail. Then when you bring in the mail you can easily go through it and quickly throw away all the junk mail. Then perhaps you might decide to have a little box or holder right there where you can put the mail that you need to handle, like bills or correspondence. And another holder for other non essential mail you want to look at more leisurely.
Great! Did you notice, with just this simple change you have now already discarded the junk mail and sorted the rest of the mail for easier access. Congratulations!!! Well done!!

5. Be Persistent. Continue to practice your new habit each time you bring in the mail. As part of your new habit you will also need to Create a regular time when you take care of the mail you have put in the different boxes. The more often the better! Once you choose when to take care it, stick to the plan. Remember, you are creating a new habit, and that takes about 21 days. Perhaps your plan is to go through the little holders of sorted mail on every Saturday morning. Or perhaps you will decided that a better time for you is Tuesday evenings while listening to some favorite music or maybe the news. Or you might decide that your best plan is every day after dinner to spend 10 minutes taking care of a few of the items. Whatever it is, find a system that works for you and stick to it. Maybe you will also choose to have a small file close by to file away the bills and paperwork that have been completed. Maybe you will find it is helpful to immediately put the catalogues and magazines someplace where you will see them and enjoy them during the week.

Now you are off to a great start and making a wonderful change in your life.

Remember, consistent little steps create great change.

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The Profound Healing of the Pulse

profound healing logo

Discovering the Patterns

When I was first starting to work with energy, I was working with a young woman during a full day personal energy intensive. The focus she had chosen for her intensive was ''spiritual growth,'' and we spent the day completing the necessary openings and initiations to assist in developing her intuitive gifts and healing abilities. Then, with only a few minutes left at the end of the day, she asked if it might be possible to work on something from her personal life.  She then shared her experiences of her abusive childhood.

As I listened to her childhood story my attention was soon caught by something I had never noticed before. What I saw was an intricate, three-dimensional geometric shape floating about four or five feet away from her body. It was filled with intense colors and had smaller patterns interwoven within it. It seemed vibrant and alive. As she spoke about the events from her childhood, I noticed that the pattern became brighter. When she spoke specifically about the ways she was feeling limited by the abuse, one of the smaller internal patterns became more brilliant. I was fascinated by this geometric shape and continued to watch it as she spoke. It soon became apparent that her experiences from childhood and this geometric pattern were connected.

Although it was getting late, we decided to explore this new discovery. Over the next few minutes, as I held my hands over her body and felt the familiar, warm energy flowing through them, the pattern begin to change. Soon, the brightest inner portion of the shape began to fade -- and at this point, she commented that her emotions about the abuse were also fading. Within just a few minutes, the bright portion was transparent. Now, when she thought of her childhood experiences, her emotions remained calm and balanced.

Although the geometric shape I had originally seen was still visible in this woman's energy field, the shape no longer contained the very bright, smaller pattern within it. I later came to understand that what had been released from that pattern was the unneeded and out of balance emotions from that experience and which had influenced her life as an adult. What remained now in the pattern was the wisdom, compassion, and insights she had gathered from the experience.


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"Pattern Shifts" -- A New Process

Jo Dunning nov 1From this experience, I began to develop an energy process that was soon called Pattern Shifts ©. I noticed that we are constantly bathed in unformed, free-flowing energy. The energy is available for us to use in any way we choose. As that energy came in contact with the area around our body, it began to take on geometric patterns.  These patterns held all of our experiences about life and was formed by our emotions, beliefs, judgments and observations all of which create our world view.

The energy field around each person has many hundreds of geometric shapes within it. The geometric patterns that we are consciously engaged with at any moment become bright, or light up, as the unformed energy is pulled through them by our thoughts and emotions. These geometric forms shape the free flowing energy and create the experiences we have each moment.

I also saw that as we grow and change, so do the geometric shapes. They continually change and restructure as a natural result of the experiences we go through and our responses to those experiences. A specific pattern will change or shift each time we gather a new insight, forgive an old injury, fill with compassion, feel gratitude or expand to love something new. It will also shift as we find a new judgment, create another resentment, harbor anger, or feel guilty or ashamed.

The process I called Pattern Shifts © involved the intentional focusing of precise energy toward the geometric shape, causing it to rapidly shift and change. When the energy of the pattern shift was directed to the portion of the pattern containing the unwanted symptom or emotion, it was possible in only a few minutes to complete release something that might have been creating difficulties all their life. Many times, clients commented that long-standing issues they had been addressing for many years using more traditional approaches, were finally cleared in just one Pattern Shift *session.

I tested the use of Pattern Shifts © in a variety of settings. The shifts were used at workshops and conferences, with groups of only ten people to using them at conferences with groups of fifteen hundred people. The effectiveness of Pattern Shifts © was explored using one-on-one sessions, telephone sessions, remote-healing projects, and even with television and radio audiences!  The results were always the same and life changing.

I kept extensive records on the effectiveness of Pattern Shifts © during a four-year period. Clients rated the change they experienced after each Pattern Shift © session.  Participants in the remote energy projects completed surveys and questionnaires to document their experience. Records were kept of over 600 individual applications of Pattern Shifts by telephone, over 1000 in person applications, and nearly 500 people who participated in five different remote healing projects. In addition, a file of testimonials by individuals who wanted to share more about the healing they experienced was compiled.

What was discovered was regardless of the situation in which the Pattern Shifts © were used, the outcome remained consistent. When the results were tallied from personal and phone sessions, and from those in remote projects returning questionnaires, over 85 percent of the people reported highly significant, positive changes as a result of the Pattern Shifts they received.  Statistically these figures are off the charts and seldom seen in any other energy work, therapies, or other methods of creating positive life changes and health.

Because the Pattern Shifts © method was so effective, there were soon requests from many individuals who wanted to learn the process. However, my method at that time required the ability to visually see each pattern and to correctly apply the precise energy required, so  only the unwanted portion of the pattern would be shifted, leaving the rest of the structure unchanged. Most individuals requesting to learn the process did not have these skills, and teaching them would have been difficult and time-consuming.


Making It Teachable: "The Pulse Technique"

To find a simpler method, I began to observe exactly what took place when I was using the energy and noticing the changes take place. I studied each session searching for the common thread that linked one pattern shift with the next. During a session, regardless of which pattern was to be shifted, there was always the same, extremely relaxed feeling in my body. My mind had a heightened clarity of thought, emotion, and intention, and I felt a ''pulse'' of flowing, unformed energy moving in, through or around me. This connection to the energy seemed to present an opportunity for the client to return to that place of balance we call health, wholeness, happiness and freedom. When this energy was present, which it always was, I knew the client would soon be free from the many challenging issues of life that held them back.

Using these new insights, the Pattern Shift © process could now be condensed into something that could be shared with others. It was no longer necessary to develop the ability to see the patterns, or to learn special skills. Patterns could now be shifted using a process that soon became known as The Pulse Technique©. What remained to be discovered was how to assist other to connect directly with this powerful energy and then find a way to help them use this energy to produce the same consistent and life changing results.

The first group to learn The Pulse Technique © was composed of fourteen people from varying backgrounds including traditional and complementary medicine and energy work. We spent one week learning how to connect to our inner guidance and to build the trust necessary to follow its wisdom and knowing. We learned how to think in new ways, let go of old beliefs and reactions, quiet the mind, and move into the deep inner silence necessary for this technique. The group was then taken through a special process that connected them with this powerful Source energy which they would then learn to use to create the changes.

As the participants at this special workshop went through a series of simple practice steps to become familiar with using this new energy connection, they began to have amazing experiences. As they sat in the silence, a peace would begin to fill them and radiate out into the room. In this silence, they each discovered the place where the mind no longer judges or evaluates, where the personal ego and will lets go of outcome, where intention becomes clear and focused -- and The Pulse energy would begin. Some described The Pulse © as sitting inside the heartbeat of God, others as being connected to the breath of the Universe, and still others simply as a deep feeling of pure love. Soon they were easily able to go into The Pulse © and allow it's healing energy to create rapid and lasting changes in all aspects of life, physical, mental, emotional and Spiritual.

When the workshop ended and everyone returned home they began to use this wonderful process they had just learned. After only a week I received the first of many letters about the amazing results that were happening by using The Pulse Technique ©. In that first letter was the following story.

Dear Jo, I am a supervising nurse in a rehabilitation hospital, where people are usually admitted only in the last stages of care.

One night, I was called to help a nurse who was having trouble starting an IV. When I entered the room, there in the bed was a young man we'll call Tom. He was barely in his 40s, and should still have had his whole life ahead of him -- and yet he was in the final stages of cancer, with only a short time left to live. The cancer had spread to his spine, and he was in constant, excruciating pain.

As I approached him, my guidance told me I was there for a bigger purpose than starting an IV, and I was prompted to begin a conversation with him. So I asked him to tell me about himself.

Tom described to me his loving family and friends, and his thriving business. I asked him, ''If you had a chance to change this situation, would you want to?'' and his answer was a strong yes.

I explained a little about The Pulse Technique © I had just learned, and he said he wanted me to work with him. I arranged not to be disturbed, and was able very quickly to go into The Pulse. It was strong, almost palpable. The entire room was immediately energized and filled with a blissful, peaceful feeling. Tom seemed completely at peace as we continued to sit together in the pulse. After about 15 minutes, I felt the shift and told him it was done.

The next day, when I went to work, I was told that Tom had been transferred to another hospital for evaluation testing. But the nursing supervisor told me that Tom's wife had come back to get the rest of his things, and had been very excited. She told the supervisor that all of Tom's tests had come back negative. They could no longer find any sign of the cancer anywhere in his body. He was vibrantly healthy and completely free of pain. He was being discharged home that day, completely healed!

Her email address is Click here to read her bio or click here to read more about The Training Program featuring The Pulse Technique that she has developed.

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Applied Sacred Geometry and Enlightenment for Everyone

Five Steps to Abundance

There are five simple steps which will allow us to receive the abundance and prosperity we would like. GoldThey are natural steps of giving and receiving which we can use each day to create the circular flow of joyful prosperity and abundance in our lives. Soon these steps become our way of life and an easy expression of our joy and prosperity.

To step into the flow of Abundance for your life.

  1. Give what you want to receive. The flow of Abundance is already all around you. To step into this flow is easy. Give to someone else the very thing you would like to receive. And give it freely without expectations of receiving, as if you already had more than enough. If you want more kindness in your life, be kind to someone, if you want more happiness in your life, make someone else happy, if you want more money in your life, share a little of what you have. Give it away easily, like you already had all that you need and there is plenty more from where that came from.
  2. Trust and know. The next step is to trust and know you have just stepped into the flow of abundance and are now aligned with what you want. Know there is more than enough to go around and it is easy to have all you want.
  3. Take Action. Participation is an important part of Abundance. While you are knowing you are now aligned with the flow of the abundance you want, it is also important to participate and help make things happen. Follow your inner knowing and your intuition and do your part to help create the abundance you would like to have. Continue to participate until you are receiving what you want.
  4. Be Grateful. Gratitude is a vital step in the flow of abundance. It is a powerful magnet which keeps us in the flow and aligned with receiving all the wonderful things we desire. Fill yourself with gratitude all the time, even about the small and seemingly simple things in your life. There is always something to be grateful about. When you notice a little of what you want flowing to you, take a moment and be grateful for what you have received, regardless of how big or small it may be. Be grateful and say thank you.
  5. Pass it on. When you receive a little abundance take a moment and pass some of it on and assist someone else in feeling a little more abundant. When you pass on some of what you receive, do it easily as if you already have more than you need, expecting nothing in return. When you pass it on in this way you are now starting the process all over again and have once again taken the first step to "give what you want to receive." In this way the flow of abundance continues and becomes more and more each time.
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