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Jo Dunning Home Page

Jo Dunning Home Page

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Jo Dunning Home Page
Jo Dunning Home Page


With all of the amazing energy pouring into our planet right now, this is the time to make changes in your life. Use this magnificent Walk on stepping stonesopportunity to focus your mental Attention and the Intent of your Being to transform your life. Attention and Intention are a powerful force. Then just add a little action and the changes begin.

There are Five Steps To Change that can help make the process easier.

The first step to change is awareness of what you want to change.
2. The next step is to understand the current system you are using.
3. Then discover which part of your current system is not working toward what you want.
4. Create a new step or habit for that part of your system.
5. Be Persistent.

Although these Five Steps can be used and adapted for almost anything you would like to change, let's use the example of applying The Five Steps to the clutter in your home from the mail you receive.

The goal is to change the habit that is creating the problem, and then clean up the mess the old habit created. In the example of the mail clutter, you are changing the habit or system that creates the unopened piles of mail, so no more mail is piling up. Then you can begin to more easily clean up the old clutter.

The secret is that you are creating a new habit, which takes about 21 days. So be patient with yourself and persistent for about 3 weeks. Very soon your new habit will become natural and you will easily handle the situation in a smooth and comfortable manner.

Below are each of the five steps explained a little more fully. If you would like more information about other methods of creating changes in your life and also energy support from Jo for 21 days to help you accomplish the change, then consider registering for: Step To The Next Level - 21 Days of Energy Support.

1. Notice the clutter, where it is and how you would like it to be. Like the mail piles up on the kitchen table and goes unanswered, misplaced and the pile continues to grow until you finally clean it up or just put it all in boxes to get out of sight and the next pile of mail begins again.

2. Notice what you currently do with the mail. You manage to bring it in and put it on the table. Good, that part is working. Then it just sits there unopened except when it is essential like to find a bill and pay it. The rest of the mail just continues to pile up along with the stack of already opened mail that needs to be filed.

3. Notice the part of the system that is not working. In this example, the clutter is created once you leave it unopened on the table.

4. Create a new step for that part. Now that you know where you old habit starts to not support your goal you can decide what is the best way to change that step. Maybe you will find that it helps keep a wastebasket right near the table where you set down the mail. Then when you bring in the mail you can easily go through it and quickly throw away all the junk mail. Then perhaps you might decide to have a little box or holder right there where you can put the mail that you need to handle, like bills or correspondence. And another holder for other non essential mail you want to look at more leisurely.
Great! Did you notice, with just this simple change you have now already discarded the junk mail and sorted the rest of the mail for easier access. Congratulations!!! Well done!!

5. Be Persistent. Continue to practice your new habit each time you bring in the mail. As part of your new habit you will also need to Create a regular time when you take care of the mail you have put in the different boxes. The more often the better! Once you choose when to take care it, stick to the plan. Remember, you are creating a new habit, and that takes about 21 days. Perhaps your plan is to go through the little holders of sorted mail on every Saturday morning. Or perhaps you will decided that a better time for you is Tuesday evenings while listening to some favorite music or maybe the news. Or you might decide that your best plan is every day after dinner to spend 10 minutes taking care of a few of the items. Whatever it is, find a system that works for you and stick to it. Maybe you will also choose to have a small file close by to file away the bills and paperwork that have been completed. Maybe you will find it is helpful to immediately put the catalogues and magazines someplace where you will see them and enjoy them during the week.

Now you are off to a great start and making a wonderful change in your life.

Remember, consistent little steps create great change.

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